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Top 10 Best Nursing Covers For Breastfeeding Privacy

Top 10 Best Nursing Covers For Breastfeeding Privacy

Although breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of, many moms aren’t comfortable with doing it in public even though they don’t mind others doing it. However, it is a fact that sometimes you just must feed your little one in public and the only solution to your problem is a nursing cover. These amazing covers are perfect for offering you privacy and a much needed feeling of security while breastfeeding in public or around family or friends. And what is so great about nursing covers today is that they come in different designs and are stylish and chic so you can feel even better while breastfeeding on the go. There are not only different designs to choose from, but different types of covers as well so you can choose one that suits your needs perfectly. Each of them has their own advantages, disadvantages, and learning curve. What you need to consider when choosing is  how you plan to use it (nursing or pumping), how important full coverage is to you, and your baby’s personality, if you’re nursing. As always, we will make things easier by choosing 10 of the best nursing covers offered on the market today. You will surely find the one that is best for you among them.

1. Itzy Ritzy Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

Top 10 Best Nursing Covers For Breastfeeding Privacy


We love this multi-use nursing cover because it can also be used as a scarf for yourself! You can drape it according to your needs. It can even cover your entire back while you are nursing which is an issue with apron style covers. What is also so great about the Itzy Ritzy is that it is light and breathable and can be used in any weather. The one downfall is that you can’t use it for covering yourself while pumping as it covers one side at a time.

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