It is amazing if we are able to produce our own vegetables. Spending time in fresh air has many advantages and many experts say gardening has very relaxing effect on our body. On the other hand we can soon become familiar of many scourges that can quickly raise our stress level again.

Dealing with annoying pests can be discouraging especially when we are only starting. Luckily there are certain flowers that are not just making our garden prettier but can make a huge difference with our final product.

Here is a list of some of the most helpful bug repelling plants we should consider including.

1. Nasturtiums or Tropaeolum

TOP 10 Bug Repelling Flowers That Keep Pests Out of Your Garden


This lively colored flower among other repels aphids also known as Plant lice, thrips, White flies, Squash bugs, many kind of beetles and Cabbage loopers. Tropaelum is especially effective against snails so it is recommended to plant it near lettuce or other vegetables that are their most common target. While planting, it is advised to leave as much space around the plants as possible because this plant grows quite a lot, especially in width.

Besides the above, Nasturtiums are extremely healthy. You can add both, aromatic leaves and flowers to your salads.