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Top 10 DIY Creative Room Decor for Halloween

Top 10 DIY Creative Room Decor for Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas? Or that Ireland is considered as the birthplace of Halloween? There are so many interesting facts about this holiday that occurs each year on October 31st and it means having so many ghosts, skulls, spiders and so many other scary decoration around the house and inside it.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to decorations and you don’t always have to spend money on store – bought items. In fact, Halloween is the perfect time to let out your creativity because there is so much that you can do yourself. We picked ten decorations for this and we hope you’re going to like it.

1. 3D Pumpkin Wall Art

Top 10 DIY Creative Room Decor for Halloween


Creating 3D art is really easy, even if you might think it isn’t! Before you start, make sure you have 12-inch orange honeycomb ball, green paper, brown floral wire, white foam board, 20-inch square black frame, scissors and hot-glue gun. Start with the honeycomb ball, then create the leaves and assemble the pieces into a wall art.

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