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Top 10 DIY Decorative Wine Glasses

Top 10 DIY Decorative Wine Glasses

Everyone who hosted or attended any kind of party with a large number of guests has experienced the mishap of misplacing his or hers drinking glass or accidentally switching it with one of the other guest’s. It seems that the only way to avoid that annoyance is if you keep your glass with you at all times, which is a bother all by itself. However, there are other ways to avoid this problem. If this year you are the one hosting a holiday party, try marking your glassware in a manner that is elegant and yet helps your guests keep track of their own drinking glass. By following these top 10 DIY wine glass decorating tutorials your party will much more interesting and without misplaced glasses.

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY Wine Glasses

Top 10 DIY Decorative Wine Glasses


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