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Top 10 DIY No Heat Curls


Top 10 DIY No Heat Curls

Curls look flattering on all hair types, colors, and lengths, and are always in style!  But we know that the heat from curling irons and blow dryers can cause lots of damage to our hair over time. And perfect curls without heat aren’t just a dream! Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve various types of curls without the use of heat.

Now you can make tight curls, vintage curls, natural waves and voluminous waves using easy, using inexpensive techniques, and what you need is socks, straws, head bands, clips, fresh washed hair and of course a little time. So why don’t you give your hair a break and try some of these super easy hairstyles right now?

We highly recommend you to give them a try, and we know that you wont be disappointed!

1. Headband Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

If you want to get those beautiful curls that look like you have just left the hair salon, but with no damage on your hair, then find one headband, and wrap around it your freshly washed hair, leave it like that for few hours, or the best option is to sleep overnight with your hair like that, and in the morning you will be ready to go with your gorgeous hair.

2. 40’s Hair Waves

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

If you want to get that wavy look from the 40’s, here is one interesting tutorial that shows you how to do them with the help of only a bobby pins. The results are amazing.

3. Bandana Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

If you have somewhere in your closet bandana that doesn’t serves you for anything, here is one useful thing for it to do. Grab your bandana and wrap your hair around it just like the picture shows.

4. Braid Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

To get those beautiful mermaid waves with the help of a round braid, follow the easy steps from the picture, braid a french braid in a form of circle around your head, and leave your hair like that for few hours. The best way to do this style is on freshly washed hair.

5. Twirl Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

This look is super easy and everyone can achieve it with ease. Just do a few twirls before going to bed, secure them with clips, and in the morning all you need to do to have a perfect hairstyle is to release them.

6. Clips Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

If you decide to recreate this look, believe us – no one will ever guess that you haven’t actually went to a hairstylist! This genius style is amazing for special occasions when you want to have a perfect hair and without using heat.

7. Twisted Waves

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

Twist your hair in two sections and secure them with some kind of hair clips, and after a while you will get this beautiful soft waves. Read the explanation on the picture for more info.

8. Cocoon Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

This is one unique way to curl your hair, and it is called cocoon curls. The technique is simple and doesn’t require nothing for securing the cocoons, because they are tight and stay like that by themselves. Find out how to make them by clicking on the link.

9. Socks Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

Want to give your socks a second job? Well, here is a way how you can make them more useful, wrap your hair around them and get gorgeous hair waves.

10. Knots Curls

Top 10 DIY No Heat Curlsvia

This technique is similar like the cocoon one, but you will need hair clips for this. beautiful, boho and careless look, perfect for the summer days. Follow the instructions and make it by yourself.



  1. Madeline

    July 19, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    That girls end face on number 4 tho

  2. Stephanie

    August 9, 2015 at 6:21 am

    When I was a kid, I used to put my hair in lots of little braids – it didn’t last more than 6-8 hours, haha, but it was cute. I found your post at Affimity, and I’m mad that I didn’t know these before tonight! These ideas are much better, and I wish that I have known them when I was 14! I am definitely going to save this for later. Thanks!

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    January 8, 2016 at 4:48 pm

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