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TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

Everyone has a weakness for something, and for most of us it is chocolate! You know the feeling when your heart starts to beat faster and faster when you see brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, Sacher torte, cookies and so on. But you also have to watch those calories. It is not good to deprive yourself of foods you love, you must allow yourself some treat for the sake of enjoyment. Chocolate and chocolaty desserts are usually unhealthy, but there is an alternative. There are many no-sugar, vegan, gluten-free recipes out there that you can choose from. Often times they “taste healthy” and lack of flavor. You don’t have to worry about this now. We have selected ten gorgeous recipes. These guilt-free chocolaty treats taste like they’re packed with sugar and butter and they will surely curb the craving!

1. Avocado Mocha Mousse

TOP 10 Guilt-Free Chocolaty Treats

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Nothing is more satisfying than some beautiful creamy, chocolaty mousse! This recipe is simple and quick, exactly what we need when the craving starts. The mousse is layered with crunchy granola and nuts and than it’s topped with juicy blueberries. It is a healthy, vegan alternative to a rich full of calories chocolate mousse!

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