Korean food is one of the healthiest on the planet. Just like other Asian cuisines, Korean cooking is also based on fresh ingredients, vegetables and meats. Korean dishes are cooked simply, without much oil and served with steamed rice on the side.

One of the most well known Korean dishes is the spicy, garlicky and salty kimchi. If you are a fan of Korean kitchen, you probably have tried some of these dishes.

Here we have selected ten delicious Korean recipes that you can easily prepare in your home!

1. Bibimbap

TOP 10 Korean Recipes

Recipe via ohmydish.com

This one is a popular dish, the word bibimbap literally means ‘mixed rice’. It is basically a large bowl of rice topped with fresh and cooked vegetables and a red chili paste called gochujang. Topped with minced meat and a fried egg plopped on top.Serve the vegetables in small bowls on the side so everyone can dig in and combine however they like their bibimbap.