Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatia

One of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean is Croatia, a country with an amazing coastline on the Adriatic Sea, a vibrant summer life and an amazing Old Town charm in many of the towns located on the coastline.

Going here will take your breath away and you will certainly find everything you would love from a vacation – sea, beaches, party, culture, architecture, food. So, no matter which place you choose, you won’t make a mistake. If you haven’t been so far in Croatia, you should consider it and for that we picked ten amazing places that you can visit for your summer vacation.

1. Split

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Split is the second – largest city in Croatia and it is also the largest in the region known as Dalmatia. This city has everything you could ever wish for vacation, no matter if you come for family time or with friends. Being the oldest city in the region as well, what makes Split special is the Diocletian’s Palace that is old for 1,700 years! The city has the Medieval charm, with many stone buildings and squares. Since you’re already there, you should definitely take a trip and visit the other cities near by such as Trogir, or some of the islands and in the meantime enjoy the sailing through the turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea.

2. Dubrovnik

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Located in the region of Dalmatia, the city of Dubrovnik is the most popular destination on the coastline of Croatia. This town is famous for its stone walls and Medieval look, all combined with the charming architecture of the Mediterranean. If you decide to visit Dubrovnik, you must see the Revelin Fortress and St. John Fortress, the Dubrovnik Cathedral and the City Walls. You can also sign up for cruises and trips that the agencies are offering, such as tour to Korčula, Hvar and other islands, or even a tour to Montenegro as well. You must also enjoy the city from the harbor. Visit some of the local cafes or restaurants and make sure to taste the Dalmatian cuisine too.

3. Hvar

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Olives, lavender and wine yards – Hvar has everything that you need for the typical vacation somewhere on the Mediterranean. It is considered as one of the most popular destinations in the country, as well as a very romantic one. The sea is clear, the beaches are nice, and the local restaurants and cafes will definitely make you feel as if you’re getting the deserved vacation. You can visit Hvar town and take a boat trip to Pakleni Islands, or you can just enjoy the sandy beaches near Jelsa or wake up the explorer in you and see the ancient town known as Stari Grad.

4. Rovinj

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Yes, the picture is real and yes, Rovinj is one of the most beautiful places that you can see in Croatia – no wonder it is called the Blue Pearl of the Adriatic. Rovinj offers many activities for the tourists. You can always enjoy the beaches and the sea, the local cafes and restaurants. You can also sail the Rovinj archipelago and bike around the coast, which will give you the opportunity to witness the beauty of Rovinj. Other activities that you can do include scuba diving to the wreck of the Baron Gautsch, get a boat trip to the Lim Fjord, go to the top of the tower of St. Euphemia’s Church or visit the local islands.

5. Brac

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

The island of Brac is the largest in the Dalmatian region and the third largest in the Adratic. The island is very easy to reach and is close to other cities that you would fall in love with, such as Split. The island is famous for the beach in Bol known as Zlatni Rat (the one of the picture), which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. Here you will also have the opportunity to try the local food and produced goods, because the island’s main export are figs, wine, olive oil and other fruits and goods. Besides Bol, you can also visit the small town of Supetar or the village of Skrip, where you will certainly be able to relax and enjoy.

6. Korcula

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Just like Dubrovnik, Korcula is another fortified town in Croatia that is attracting more and more tourists every year. You will definitely like this town if you’re a history fan. Visiting the Town Museum, St. Mark’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Church will bring you few centuries back, making you feel as if you’re in some Medieval year. Of course, there are lovely beaches to check out, such as Lumbarda Sandy Beach or St. Nicholas beach. Tasting the local cuisine while on vacation is a total must, so make sure to try this one as well. It definitely won’t leave you disappointed!

7. Plitvice National Park

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

One of the most beautiful spots in Croatia and whole Europe as well are exactly the Plitvice lakes. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. There are 16 lakes that are connected with waterfalls and all of this beauty is situated in a wonderful, green woodland. You can easily access the lakes because there are many bus trips and tours to the National Park. It is open for visitors all throughout the year, with being open the longest during summer. But, summer is exactly when this wonderful place is being overcrowded. If you want to witness the beauty in more quiet days, then visit it during spring or autumn.

8. Trogir

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Trogir is located on the Croatian coastline, right in the center of Dalmatia. This small historic town and it is also considered a UNESCO World Heritate Site for being one of the most preserved medieval towns in Europe. Trogir has the most beautiful combination of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, narrow streets with lovely restaurants and 15 – th century walls. Visiting Trogir will be a special experience, and when you’ll be there, make sure to take a trip to Split and Dubrovnik.

9. Krka National Park

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

The Krka National Park is located in the Sibenik – Knin County and is literally one of the most beautiful places in Croatia and beyond. If you liked Plitvice Lakes, then this spot is going to take your breath as well! Within the National park, you can find a tiny island located on the river Krka and is called Visovac. What makes this island so special besides its size, it is the monastery built in the 1500’s. Of course, the best way to experience the national park is by a boat trip, so if you’re already there, don’t hesitate to sign up

10. Pag

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer in Croatiavia

Pag is famous for the crazy night life, so if you’re coming here with friends and are wishing to party all night, then this is the island for you. However, if you’re looking for more of a relaxing version, don’t worry because Pag has everything you need. There are things worth to be seen, starting from the whole architecture, the Old Town, the Pag Lace Museum and if you’re heading here in July, you can see the Pag Carnival. The island is famous for the production of lace and cheese, so don’t forget to buy some on your way home.

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  • Krasno,prikazali ste naše Jadransko more i gradove koji krase Hrvatsku obalu, i prirodne ljepote u unutrašnjosti Croatie. Uživala sam jer mi je to sve poznato a Dubrovnik posebno jer sam tamo prije rata ljetovala godinama. Sada sam u mirovini i malo mi je daleko za putovati. No, što je bilo, bilo je lijepo i nežalim. Teodora. Bosna.

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