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Top 10 Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes

Top 10 Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes

Clean Eating is a lifestyle which goal is to remove all processed foods from your body first and than from your diet too. Clean eating means eating fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Eat clean will help you control you weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and ensure that you will feel great every day.

Starting your day with some healthy, energizing meal, is the best way to start cleaning your body from fats. It’s very important to have light and protein power meal for breakfast. The food that you bring in your body in the morning will keep you active and fresh all day long. Of course it’s important to pay attention on the other meals too, but never skip the breakfast.

Clean Eating Basic Oatmeal

Top 10 Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes


Keep the oatmeal recipe itself fairly simple, just change the flavors around by the toppings. Top your oatmeal with whatever fruit you want, nuts, dried fruit or peanut butter.

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