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Top 10 Delicious Recipes to Try This Easter

Top 10 Delicious Recipes to Try This Easter

There are so many recipes that you can try out for the holiday and for those who love to cook, this is going to be really fun. Hundreds of new recipes are waiting, and you simply want to try everything out. That’s why, we searched and searched until we found our ten favorite recipes for this Easter and we would like you to check them out. There is something from anything – from appetizers to desserts. Some are really easy and require few minutes, while others want your attention more than that. Check them out and find your favorite! Prepare something delicious and most important of all – share it with your family and friends!

1. Meringue Nests With Orange Curd Cream and Easter Eggs

Top 10 Delicious Recipes to Try This Eastervia

The meringue nests with orange curd are the perfect dessert for everyone, especially for those who aren’t too much into sugar. The meringue is easy to prepare, for this one you need about 180 gr of sugar, 3 egg whites and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract. For the orange curd, you need 6 tablespoons heavy whipping cream, 2 tablespoons orange zest and 1/2 cup orange juice from 2 oranges, 1/2 cup sugar, 6 egg yolks and 6 1/2 tablespoons cold unsalted butter. To make it even better, serve it with heavy whipping cream, fresh berries and candy – covered chocolate eggs.

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1 Comment

  1. saki

    March 22, 2016 at 11:02 am

    its very delicious and looking wonderful .

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