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Top 10 Delish Irish Colcannon Recipes

Top 10 Delish Irish Colcannon Recipes

The traditional cuisine of the proud Irish people has been steadily developing throughout the centuries and has been influences by social and political changes, but most of all it reflects the region of Ireland itself and the crops grown on that land. So, if you wish to have a meal that is undeniably and utterly Irish, look no further than the colcannon. Made from mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage, the colcannon makes a perfect side-dish for any meal and it gives plenty of space for culinary creativity. Having said that, we present you here with top 10 colcannon variations of the traditional recipe that will make even the most picky eater’s stomach grumble.

Colcannon-Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes

Top 10 Delish Irish Colcannon Recipes

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