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Top 10 Fantastic Pistachio Recipes

Top 10 Fantastic Pistachio Recipes

Today we decided its the right time to dedicate a post to the fantastic Pistachio which is not only tasty and gives meals a special flavor, is also very healthy. Used widely for desserts (like Turkish and Greek Baklava), ice cream, chocolate, lokum, halva, biscotti it is also used in salads, as an addition to mortadella, for making pistachio butter and paste or just consuming it fresh or roasted as a delicious snack. As for the health benefits, Pistachios protect your heart, pack you up with antioxidants, lower your blood pressure, so it deserves every right to be constantly present in your diet. Just to give you some ideas, we’ve chosen The Top 10 Fantastic Pistachio Recipes that you are surely going to love!

Homemade Pistachio Butter

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