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Top 10 Fun Crafts You Can Make for Children

Top 10 Fun Crafts You Can Make for Children

Time for some DIY projects! This time we are presenting you ten very creative, adorable projects that you can make for and with children. It will the perfect opportunity to spend some family time together, while at the same make something new for your home.

Ahead you will find different crafts for everyone’s taste. Have you ever tried making your own snow globe, or did you know that you can make chalks at home too? Just scroll along and let these ideas wake your creativity!

1. Pot of Gold Telescope

Top 10 Fun Crafts You Can Make for Childrenvia

This telescope is really easy to make and it will take you about 20 minutes to make one. You need the following supplies – craft foam in the colors of the rainbow plus gold, hot glue, scissors, mason jar lid and clear cellophane. This is the perfect moment for a family time – you can make the telescopes with your children and discuss and learn colors, but let them stay away from the glue!

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