Abandoned places have something appealing in their mystery, don’t you think? Even the decaying and the derelict has its own form of beauty that cannot be found in structures still intact. Aside from beauty, abandoned places also mirror the human spirit – stubborn, unyielding and willing to stand up against the test of time and the elements. So, what are some of the most famous abandoned places in the world today?

Pripyat, Ukraine

1 Pripyat Ukraine

Photo credit to vk.com

Machu Picchu, Peru

2 Machu Picchu

Photo credit to www.mustafaturgut.com.tr

Gunkanjima Islands, Japan

3 Gunkanjima Island

Photo credit to totorotimes.com

Kolmanskop, Namibia

4 Kolmanskop Namibia

Photo credit to corriere.it

 Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA

5 Centralia Pennsylvania

Photo credit to sometimes-interesting.com

Humberstone, Chile

6 Humberstone

Photo by Ricardo A. Palta Rodriguez

 Craco, Italy

7 Craco

Photo credit to incredible-pictures.com

The Salton Riviera, California

8 The Salton Riviera

Photo credit to messynessychic.com

Wonderland Amusement Park, China

9 Wonderland Amusement Park

Photo credit to makingfootprintsfollowingfootsteps.blogspot.com

Ordos City, Mongolia

10 Ordos City

Photo credit to archdaily.com