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Top 10 Patriotic Memorial Day Picnic Sweets

Top 10 Patriotic Memorial Day Picnic Sweets

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day, the day we honor all the brave souls who gave their lives so we can be free. It is a somber day when we should take the time to visit the graves of all the men and women who had fallen in battle in order to keep this country safe, but the truth is most of us simply take the day off to relax and enjoy a good family outing, like a nice picnic.

When it comes to family picnics, choosing which foods to bring depends on what each family member likes, so the list may well be endless. However, everyone loves desserts and if you want to bring some delicious homemade desserts to your picnic, it needs to be something travel-friendly.

To keep up with the spirit of this glorious holiday, we would like to offer you the Top 10 patriotically delicious sweets recipes that will not only survive the trip to your picnic destination, but will also help you remember and honor the people that gave their lives so you and your family can enjoy this glorious Memorial Day.

Red, White And Blue Candy Coated Cereal Treat Stars

Top 10 Patriotic Memorial Day Picnic Sweets


A candy on a stick is a nice and neat way to bring some sweets to your picnic, it is even better when they are tasty and healthy. These star-shaped chocolate dipped rice krispies pops will make a great light dessert or snack on for your picnic.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Barbara Williams

    June 3, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Thanks for including my berry cups in your fantastic list of treats!

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