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Top 10 Summer Recipes From All Around The World

Top 10 Summer Recipes From All Around The World

Today we take a little trip around the world. We’ve round-up 10 delicious summer dishes, all of which work well as sides to a collective ‘global’ spread, a complex mix of textures and tastes, bound to entice guests. We are big gourmands and for us always is a big challenge to try new and sometimes unusual recipes. Not always we are satisfied from the choice, but we are curious and we won’t stop trying new kind of food. If you are that kind of person and you have a passion to try different kind of food and various recipes, you’ll find yourself perfectly here!

Fire up the barbecue, get some drinks on ice and indulge in a little bit of global fusion. Mexican, French, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish … Which one do you prefer?

Mexican Chopped Salad

Top 10 Summer Recipes From All Around The World


The wonderful crunch provided by all the fresh chopped veggies, black beans and corn, made this salad satisfying and full of natural fiber. This will be a salad that you will be making again. It would be perfect for a pot luck. Just wait to dress the salad right before serving.

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