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Top 10 Trending Eye Makeup Tutorials

Top 10 Trending Eye Makeup Tutorials

Spring is almost here, so all the approaching trends that’ll be popular in the next few months are already well-known. Hair and makeup styles are defined! As a real woman who follows trends all the time, you’re probably aware what are the essential changes you have to make to upgrade your style and set it for the season of hot weather. Decisions for hair and clothes are easy, because you’ll visit a hairstylist who knows his job or you’ll go to the mall and you’ll buy fewer pieces of cloths that will make a statement in your wardrobe. But, when it comes to makeup, things are getting a little bit difficult. You’re not a professional and it’s a real challenge when you have to play with eye-shadows to achieve the latest trends in makeup industry! Don’t worry! Here is a collection of Top 10 Trending Eye Makeup Tutorials that will make your life easier. All tutorials are followed by step-by-step instructions, so feel free to experiment, there are no possibilities for mistakes!

Eye Enlarging Makeup Tutorial

The tutorial for eye enlarging makeup is the first on our list! We’ve decided to open the countdown with something very easy, but very beautiful at the same time. This style of makeup you can wear by the day when you want to be noticed and by the night when you want to have natural eyes. The good thing is that you can combine it with various lipsticks, like red, pink or maybe orange?!

Top 10 Trending Eye Makeup Tutorials


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