Top 10 Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home And Skin Care After Removal

We all know very well the difficulty of the regularly removing of the facial hair, eyebrows, mustache. But instead using chemical creams that damage your skin, now we give you some very easy homemade recipes for wax, and some other techniques that you may not have know but are easy to learn and use.Of course, here comes the bonus of saving some money and free time. It feels nice when you do something nice for your skin. We have ideas how to manage the skin after the hair removing, which is so important because otherwise you may have problems with your skin, like redness, especially if it is sensitive. So read this different techniques, choose the one that you like the most, and do it in the comfort of you home all natural, not in some expensive salon or with creams that contain all sorts of chemicals. Good luck ladies!

Clear The Face From Makeup And Dirt Before Removing Facial Hair

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Use Tweezers to Remove The Unwanted Hair

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After Plucking Reduce Redness With Homemade Aloe Gel

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Threading With Thread

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Learn Treading Step by Step

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After Threading Use Witch Hazel To Calm The Skin

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DIY Egg White And Sugar Wax

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Use Baby Powder on The Skin Before And After Waxing

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DIY Cream From Calendula For Super Sensitive Skin

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Recipe For Lighten The Facial Hair With Lemon Juice And Honey

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