The date has been set and you already know what you’re going to wear (that killer red dress that hugs your body in all the right places, naturally), and you have perfected the art of making a great smoky eye. What’s really on your mind is that the guy you’re going out with doesn’t ruin the whole thing by bringing you wilted gas station flowers or that he isn’t wearing the same pair of Converse sneakers and faded jeans when you first met. First impressions are incredibly important, after all, doesn’t matter met you in real or on the online dating scene.

Fortunately, here are some rules that you can follow just to make sure that your first date goes off without a hitch, and she’ll be praying you ask her out again.

1. Be on time.

If you want the date to go well, it must start well. If you say you are going to meet up at a certain time, say 8pm, you would do well to be prompt and as soon as that clock strikes 8, you’re ringing her door bell or you are waiting for her to arrive at the designated spot.

2. Take pride in your appearance.

Women put a lot of effort into looking their best for you. They have a whole beauty routine that may or may not involve hot wax, irons, and tools that could double as torture devices. The very least you could do is put on a pair of nice shoes (polished, please), a nice pair of slacks (khaki’s will do), and a polo. If you have facial hair, make sure it at least looks neat!

3. Don’t go overboard with the cologne.

It’s nice that you want to smell good for us. We applaud you for that, we really do. However, go easy on the fragrance — especially if it is anything that comes out of an aerosol can like Axe body spray, Old Spice, or anything like that. If you do insist on wearing cologne, go for a quality fragrance that isn’t too strong.

4. Do a bit of research.

We aren’t suggesting that you do a full on background check on your date, but it is a good idea if you do a little bit of research on social media. Look up their Facebook page, check out their Twitter, see if they have an Instagram. While you may think you’re invading her privacy, she will appreciate that you decided not to take her to a Sushi place because you found out she is allergic to seafood, or you took her to see the latest James Franco movie because you discovered she was a huge fan.

5. Don’t be afraid to get fancy.

Some people will tell you that you should never go to a fancy place for the first date because why would you spend a bunch of money on someone that you may not like. To that we say being fancy doesn’t mean spending a bunch of money. It does mean that you can just do something to make her feel special. Maybe you bring her a single rose, or maybe you pull some strings and got your friend to let you use his patio to decorate it all romantic. Whatever you do, just be thoughtful.

6. Stay calm.

When we stay calm, what we really mean is that you don’t have to go above and beyond to show us that you like us. Don’t flirt too much because it can make us feel uncomfortable really quick. Sure, a little flirtatious comments here and there are fine, but don’t be over the top. Just keep things real and be the sweet guy we know you can be.

7. Don’t disappear.

For some odd reason, guys are under the impression that they have to wait X-Amount of days before they can reach out to a woman they went out on a date with. Not only is this wrong, but it gives women the impression that you really weren’t that into her. So imagine how confusing it is not hearing from you for several days after having an incredible date? If you want to text her the next day to tell her you had a great time, do it! She’ll appreciate it and will definitely help you out.

8. It isn’t all about you.

For the first few dates, don’t talk about yourself a lot. Choose topics that will let her talk about herself, but also topics that will give you both something to talk about. If she does ask about you, avoid sounding like a braggart and try to stay modest. Yeah, you may have accomplished a lot, but stay humble.

9. Don’t rush.

You know what they say about fools rushing in? Don’t be a fool. Take your time getting to know each other and give yourself the chance to really consider if you want to get serious with each other or not. There’s no point in rushing only to find out later that you can’t stand each other.

10. Delete dating profiles.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an app or a website, delete your profile as soon as you realize that there is something substantial between you and her. You don’t want her to find out later that you kept the profile active! She’ll assume that you were either cheating on her or you didn’t intend on getting too serious with her. Both situations will not end well for you, dear friend. So… Yeah. Delete them. Pronto.

When you follow these 10 rules, you can bet your lady friend will take notice and will appreciate your efforts of being a gentleman. Hell, play your cards right and you may get yourself a steady relationship — if that’s what you’re hoping for at least.