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Top 10 Best Baklava Recipes

You must have already tried this Turkish Delight and fell in love instantly in its rich taste. Also, you probably thought it is something you couldn’t prepare by yourself because it seems like a complicated dish. You are wrong – baklava is made out of layers of phyllo pastry and filled with chopped nuts.

You can always use supermarket bought phyllo pastry. The key to making a perfect baklava is the baking and of course – the syrup. This delicious recipes we are sharing today will make you the master of baklava! Just try the one you like best…

Cinnamon and Nuts Baklava Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_01Recipe via

Easy Baklava Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_02Recipe via

Quick Crescent Baklava

best-of-baklava-recipes_03Recipe via

Baklava by Martha Stewart Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_04Recipe via

Chocolate Baklava Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_05Recipe via

Santorini Sublime Baklava Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_06Recipe via

SeZak’s Baklava Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_07Recipe via

Baklava Muffins Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_08Recipe via

Pistachio Baklava Cake Recipe

best-of-baklava-recipes_09Recipe via

Fig and cardamom baklava with lemon syrup

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