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Top 10 Best Crafts for Kids

Kids! We have them, we learn to love them, we then really love them, they grow up, they go to school, we live again, but then the unprecedented happens. Their holiday break! What to do? Smartphones away, TV time has been maxed out and the weather and the world we are in at the moment means that there will be a lot of home time.

These are great examples to have the little ones entertained for as long as you can, and as long as their attention spam can support! Every day can be a different activity day, resulting in their brains continuing focusing instead of bashing their heads on the walls of boredom!

Get with them, make them learn and why not teach them what you know. Share that brain of yours and get inspired from our top 10 crafts kids!

They will love it.

Cute Chirpy Chicks



These little things are adorable and you’ll soon be finding them all over your home accidentally doing far too many. You can also turn them into little cool keychains, for the kids when they have the home learning the art of independence. These fluffy things don’t require much apart from the box standard arts and crafts items you may have lying somewhere within your home. These can be done in whatever yarn you have leftover that can be used.

Fashion Eyeshade



Well, maybe let’s not go as far as employing the word fashion, but a child under the age of 6, thinks everything is cool. Maybe including the parents! Until they start having a personality for themselves. Let’s playfully create something very cool for that age bracket that is fun and screams the inner child in both of you. Rather simple to do, and endless fun too.

Paper Plate Craft For Kids – Not Plastic



We bet that you never knew how much fun it could be having paper plates in your home. We also bet that you never knew that you could literally do millions of crafts with them. However, here are a few. And what is super cool about this, is that the plates aren’t made from plastic which means you did not buy any. Thumbs up! Get creative with the kids while teaching them the importance of recycling, and using biodegradable items, better for our one and only mother nature.

Counting Popsicle Stick Puzzles



How about painting AND also being able to use the artwork as a play, learning toy? This very much feels like a 3 in 1 conditioner. Plus what is fun about this, is to create this game one must eat at least ten popsicles! You can look after the sugar thing at a later point! Or make homemade ones with 99% less sugar and real fruits. Not only will your kids use their color power recognition, but also the order in which to count up to ten. Make it up to twenty next time.

Upcycled Toy Storage Containers



For such little creatures, small children need so much space it is crazy! They literally take over your home. If you are about to have a child, get ready to say goodbye to your once upon a time house! And if you are contemplating having them and reading this, they are really worth it so small a price to pay. Do not worry yourself much. So space is key and space they will need. This craft is made with cat litter but if you haven’t got a cat, don’t buy it. Use washing liquid tablets for example. Or any other plastic boxes that you will not throw away in nature, but rather recycle.

Cardboard Critters



Kids love the zoo, they love animals in their every shape. And we mean, they love all of them. What other than recreating their favorite animal examples out of recycled cardboard and start getting a little crafty. You would be surprised what could be done with a little paint and a pair of scissors – all of which they love. And give them glue, they love putting it all over their hands and we are certain you will too for remembrance sake!

Aliens & Monsters From Cardboard Boxes



Young boys from the age of 2, love monsters. Until a very long time. This is one to be done with their favorite tv characters or simply while using their imagination. We as humans have a love for robots whatever gender or age, which makes this project really cool and fun. Make them as funny-looking as one can, giving them big wobbly eyes and out-of-the-box imaginative features.

Paper Fans



A super summer project for the kids to enjoy while doing this in the outdoors if at all a possibility. Really rather simple and one craft that will cool you down while having fun being creative. Find the template that suits you the most, or indeed paint on a blank page of paper and have your inner artist self let loose. Use over 120grams of paperweight for the best results, and no more than 160grams preferably. These figurines are super fun and a delight to do. Quick and easy. A nice afternoon spent.

Bug Magnets From Bottle Caps



Simple things for kids are like us learning PI. It is amazing. And having a magnet magically attached itself to a magnetic surface, such as the fridge, is pure magic. David Copperfield, get out of this body at once! Kids will be amazed by what they have created and been forever on the fridge door. Or trying to stick it to every surface of your home asking you why it is working. We love them.

Clothespin Butterfly



One for the girly girls. So this is for the little ladies wishing to outdo the boys with their robots. Competition is on the line? Could be great fun. A good way to teach them a lesson of life while having a great time preoccupying them with a lot of DIY, being a little competitive. You can hand these from the ceiling of your girl’s room, or place them on the fridge as a magnet following the same principle as the above.

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