Surfing is of the world’s most popular surface water sports that will officially be a part of the Olympic Games as of 2020. Not every country in the world has the needed conditions for a person to surf, but those who do offer unforgettable times for the surfers.

Even though there are many great surfing spots across the globe, there are few that stand out from the crowd. There are more exotic such as the Philippines or the Maldives, or there are the Californian coastal cities or European beach towns. If you are a surfer or thinking to try out this sport, below you will find ten of the best spots – scroll along the find which made our list!

1. Tavarua Island, Fiji



Tavaria is a heart-shaped island resort in Fiji that is considered as the Mother of all world-class surf resorts. It has seven main surfing breaks, with Cloudbreak being the most famous one. It is open-ocean reef with three main sections which when they link up, they offer a 200-yard-long ride. Here waves regularly get to be four to six feet and they seem to never close out!

2. Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand



Raglan is one of the world’s famous surf breaks, being a favorite place not only for surfers in New Zealand, but from across the world! This beautiful place offers many tourist – friendly activities and the nature is stunning, but when it comes to surfing there are few places that surfers should visit – Ocean Beach for the less experiences, Ruapuke and both Whale and Many Bay for the more experienced surfers.

3. Sultans, North Male, Maldives



The Maldives are emerging surf destination will plenty to offer for surf lovers. The best time to come here for surfing is during the Southern Hemisphere winter that lasts from March to October, because during this time there are the largest swells, with the largest most likely to occur in June, July and August. If you wish to go in March or April, is best to visit the Southern Atolls, while the Northern are better to visit from May to October.

4. Siargao Island, Philippines



Known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, the Siargao Islands are offering great surfing conditions. The best time for surfers to visit one of the Siargao Islands is from August to November, during the southwest monsoon when the prevailing wind is offshore. The most famous surfing wave here is Cloud 9, a right-breaking reef wave where the annual surfing competition Siargao Cup is happening.

5. Biarritz, France



Located on the southwestern coast of France, the town of Biarritz is one of the most popular surfing destinations not just in the country, but in whole Europe as well. In fact, it is said that the surfing in Europe first started on one of Biarritz beaches! This town offers so much for every tourist visiting – it has the history, the beauty of the European architecture and the amazing French food and atmosphere.

6. San Diego, California



The second most populous Californian city is offering great conditions for the surf lovers. Surfing here is amazing – there is something about those Cali vibes that attracts people so much to this place! The best destinations for surfing in San Diego are Trestles, Oceanside, Del Mar, Point Loma, the South Bay and Blacks Beach San Diego, which is arguably the best wave. We named just few, but there are more surfing destinations worth visiting in this city!

7. Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii



Surfing here is truly a must for every surfer. Hawaii is not only known for the wonderful vacation conditions that it offer, but is has one of the best surfing spots in the whole world. No matter which of the Hawaiian islands you would visit, from October to March there are huge dwells, especially the North Shore of Oahu – during the winter, many surfers from around the world come to this place to ride on crazy waves!

8. Byron Bay, Australia



One of the best surfing spots in Australia is definitely Byron Bay. An attraction for both less-experienced and professional surfers, Byron Bay offers a couple of great surfing places, such as Belongil Beach, Clarkes Beach, Tallow Beach – to name few. Visiting this places will make you see why the six-time world surf champion Stephanie Gilmore loves the beaches of Byron Bay, especially Wategos.

9. Peniche, Portugal



Located 6 km away from Madrid and 80 km away from Lisbon, this Portugal city has plenty of beaches where surfers can enjoy the waves. Almagreira, Belgas, Lagide, Porto Batel and Supertubos are just few of the popular surfing spots in the Portugal. Peniche isn’t the most wonderful touristic spot in the country, but it is great for surfers because of the swell exposure on the north side of the town and shelter on the south.

10. Santa Cruz, California



Visiting Santa Cruz will make you realize why it is known as the Surf City. The best spots for experiences surfers are Steamers Lane and 30th, while for beginners are more suitable Pleasure Point and Cowell’s. Steamers Lane is definitely the most popular surfing spot where great surfing can be seen all year-round, while it is also the most dangerous and challenging place for surfing when the swell is up.