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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For A Home With Children

Owning a dog has a healing effect on the owners. Dogs are especially good for the children, given the fact that they teach responsibility and consistency.

These animals have been used with children in therapy and have helped children who are developmentally challenged with their nonjudgmental and unquestioning companionship.

Children have a friend to turn to who they can trust and love, even when their parents are busy and their friends aren’t available. Below you will find the best ten dog breeds that are ideal for a home with children.




The hefty-looking, squashed-up nose dog is a medium in size breed. They are very patient with young children of any age. So one child can be as playful as they wish without of course being too aggressive with the bulldog. They tend to have maternal instincts and will watch over them while you are running errands around the house. Like having a full-time nanny. Worth noting, they are also very protective over the children which means you are in safe hands if anything was to happen. They will share so much love as they are very faithful to all the family from the youngest to the not-so-youngest!




This breed of dogs is ever so curious and super adorable. They have a lot of affection to give and are ever so sweet. Possibly one of the sweetest breeds of dogs; they carry this on their cute, facial expression. They are curious and would love to know all about you, they are playful and will play with your children whatever their age group while you are taking care of other things, or simply wish to have a moment for yourself. They do require a lot of attention and require a lot of exercises. A perfect companion to also keep fit yourself!

Bull Terrier


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Like most Terriers, they are born hunters and can be aggressive towards other animals and especially towards dogs. They are great for older children as they are super playful, but because they are rather tough-skinned, meaning a little boisterous, they could quickly knock a small infant around without meaning the worse. At all. So they are best in the company of bigger children that can handle them. Then, they will have a relationship like no other as they are tirelessly playful. One must have the patience to train them, but once rules are in place, this dog will be like no other.

Border Collie


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They can be very good with children and adapt to any situation. Border Collies are loyal animals, to you and your family young and old, but be wary when inviting new faces around the house thus making them a great watchdog. They are great with slightly older children not chasing over them all the time. Like with a lot of animals, if mistreated or irritated too much the dog could stop joking so to speak. It is always to not only train the dog but set rules for the younger members of the family.




Generally speaking, the Hungarian Vizsla breed dogs are very generous, gentle, playful, smart, and loyal dogs, and super affectionate with especially the slightly older kids. They are always seeking an energetic lifestyle so one must always be in form for a good hours instance play. From the start, meaning while still super young, the Vizsla must be trained appropriately, and have early socialization with others, and have enough exercise. They are always so eager to please their owners and will demonstrate a lot of positivity given some back in return.

Irish Setter



Toddlers and younger children overall could find that the Irish Setter is a little on the boisterous, overly playful at times. Most of the time, so perhaps not recommended if you have a younger family. But with older kids, this dog breed will be in its pure essence of joy. They are very playful indeed and require your full attention. They are also very good with other dogs and even cats you might have in the house so no worries there which are positive. These are natural hunters, so watch out for birds and other potential prey as they will run amuck with them! Otherwise, they are still placid and relaxed dogs once in the comfort of your home.




Poodles can be territorial as they are born watchdogs would you believe. Don’t let the cuteness fool you. However, they are very intelligent and learn very quickly. So telling right from wrong will not take long. They are super fun and energetic, smart, gentle, and are great around children that may suffer from certain allergies, and they do not shed very much; also keeping your home in order. They are really good-natured and are perfect playmates for the children. Get them accustomed to strangers as much as possible from a very young to ensure their positive behavior in later stages.



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They are known for being simply terrific with children. They are generally speaking super chilled and rather relaxed, happy to be dogs. They show patience from the younger, more vulnerable ones, and will once again, not generally show any aggressivity as they are rather passive dogs. Unless something really terrible is done to them naturally. They get on well with other pets and all the family. They are very intelligent so grooming and training them don’t take too long and too much effort. The more you put in, however, the more the Labrador will give.

Golden Retriever



These dogs very rarely, ever bark and therefore will not scare off the younger children you might have. They are very gentle and sweet without being much trouble. Funny enough they are known for their soft mouth and could carry raw eggs in their mouth without ever breaking them. This means they do not bite. They are intelligent dogs that are very affectionate towards anyone within the household. However, if you also wanted a watchdog, this really isn’t it. It will happily sit there and watch the robbery take place! They simply lack guard instinct making them extra adorable and a reason to be around children without worrying too much. Again, training is key but easily explained.



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Boxers are very patient with children. We all know kids can think of them as cuddly toys, and parents would know what kids do to cuddly toys. Talk about being cute! So, these dogs will show patience and will give out a lot of love and affection towards the younger ones. They love to play as they are very athletic as can be seen from their structures, and love to be the center of attention. They also possess a natural instinct to protect the family, making them into the brilliant top-of-the-line watchdog.

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    • you have two of them, in the Bulldog, Bull Terrier & a 3rd in the Boxer [formally known as one of the many types of German Bulldog], all breeds which are known as “Nanny Dogs”!

      • Where is the Newfoundland? Used as nannies since pre- Victorian days. Affectionate, loyal. They are truly the Gentle Giant.


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