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TOP 10 Best Travel Destinations For September

Did you know that the best time to travel is when the summer heat calms down? That means this September is the ideal time to spend your traveling budget and enjoy the colorful sights of the best autumn places around the world. Does this sound appealing enough to pack your bag?

Below I present you the best places you can visit this month. Chose your favorite one and had a wonderful time there!

Tuscany, Italy


via Alberto Di Donato

Tuscany’s great in September and October for a few reasons: it’s still hot; the Italian tourists have disappeared, and the much-anticipated annual wine harvest is taking place. That means Tuscany’s pastoral landscape is coupled with lively grape festivals and a tipple or two of the region’s most famous wines combined with good music and dancing.

Nara, Japan


via Matsuura

Autumn in Japan is every bit as stunning as the short-lived hanami cherry blossom season in spring. Kouyou, or autumn leaves, can be seen across the country, starting in the northern island of Hokkaidō and spreading quickly south from the end of September.

Gauja valley and Turaida castle, Latvia



An hour from Riga is the Gauja valley, a spectacularly beautiful sight when the trees have turned red and gold. From the pretty town of Sigulda, with its white Lutheran church, head through the valley to the red brick fairytale of Turaida castle.

Marrakech, Morocco


via Jon Reid

Marrakech is too hot in summer, especially its frenzied souks where the haggling, hubbub, and heat can summon sweat from even the most blasé Berber. Better to go in autumn when breezes blow down from the Atlas Mountains. It’ll still be tan-tactically hot, but bearably so. And whenever you feel like a dose of Marrakech’s medina, palaces, or lush gardens, thrice-daily free shuttles will oblige you.

Agawa Canyon, Canada



Hop on board the Agawa Canyon Tour Train this autumn, and you’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful fall foliage on the planet. The ride sets off from Sault Ste Marie on the Canada–USA border, covering 114 miles of unspoiled country that looks at its best as the days begin to close in. You’ll need to be quick, though, as the leaves peak for a brief period around the end of September and beginning of October.

Luxor, Egypt



Travel to Egypt during autumn and potter around the wondrous sites without the summer crowds. In particular, visit Luxor’s west bank, a sprawling, mind-boggling archaeological site that includes the Valley of the Kings, the Tombs of the Nobles, and the excavated village of Deir el-Medina.

Forest of Dean, England


via Christopher Smith1

This ancient woodland it’s the perfect spot for the more prosaic sport of leaf-peeping. The mix of oak, beech, and sweet chestnut provides a rusty riot of yellow and gold. The Forest of Dean can be easily covered on foot or bike.

White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA


via John Barrett

New England is synonymous with ‘fall’ and picking one must-see spot isn’t easy. But New Hampshire’s White Mountains are indeed one of the best places to see autumn in its most colorful state. Hike through the hills at the end of September, and you’ll be treated to brilliant red maple leaves.

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina


via fgonzalezi

I can never see autumn in such a stunning decorative setting when you are in front of Perito Moreno glacier. The red, green, yellow, and orange leaves framing the gigantic white-with-hints-of-blue- glacier was jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Galilee, Israel


via Shlomi Arditi

Autumn in northern Israel is more pleasant weather-wise than summer or winter. The lush forests lose their leaves, farmers harvest their crops on the plains, and the quaint towns and villages have a relaxed pace of life.

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