The runway is where all the hair and makeup trends start and the new bridal trends for 2016 can’t be described in one word. In a new twist, it is a combination of soft curls, sparkling headbands, floral details and low buns. When it comes to weddings, there is nothing classic anymore, but avant-garde, extraordinary and fashion-forward. So, no matter if you are getting married, you are invited to a fabulous wedding or you are acting as a bridesmaid, here we compiled a list of top bride hairstyles for 2016 and we are sure you gonna love them all. This year you should absolutely expect that the weddings will be memorable and will leave long lasting impressions.

1.Sparkly Headbands



Wonderful Alice bands are back and they are shinier and prettier than ever! Want a special accessory for your special day? They perfectly work with any length of hair and are a great way to for adding a touch of glamour to your look.

2. Floral Details



If you are planning to make a fun and festival wedding, than floral garlands can be your perfect choice. There is nothing more prettier than real flowers as accessory for your most important day. The wedding doesn’t have to be at the beach so you can wear this beautiful floral headband. Just Think 60’s!

3. Long Whimsical Braids



When it comes to hair styling, braids are totally timeless. The greatest part is that they can be styled in many ways for your special day. From beautiful pearls woven throughout the braid to braids with shimmering beads, this bridal style will be your favorite!

4. Bouffants



Today’s wedding themes are numerous, but if you are inspired by the past, than the vintage bouffant is definitely the best choice for you. This hairstyle works brilliantly with classic and minimal wedding dresses. Let’s go back in time!

5. Low Buns



Let’s face it. Low buns have always been popular and they are not going anywhere! If you want to achieve an elegant and romantic look, than you should absolutely go for this one! With this hairstyle, you can always play with your makeup.

6. Bobs



This doesn’t mean that you have to cut your beautiful hair, but in case you already have a short hair, there is nothing better than the classic bob for your most important day. The key is to wear some gorgeous earrings that will absolutely complete the look!

7. Wild Curls



The wedding day look is not all about the dress. The hairstyle you choose also defines your personality. No matter if you have curly hair by nature or not, allow this style to work its wonders. Dare to be unique and let those curls run wild!

8. Side Partings



The most famous look from runways. Side partings definitely look more interesting and dynamic than center partings. So if you are planning on having avant-garde and strong makeup, this hairstyle will perfectly complete your face.

9. Quiffs



If you are looking for something feminine and soft, the gorgeously structured quiff will be wonderful choice. This style also looks great if you want to keep the focus on the wedding dress. Let your natural beauty shine with a light dusting of pinky blush, a swipe of mascara and a nude lip.

10. Curled Bobs



There are many styles when it comes to bobs. But we recommend you to show pretty waves or curls for a super-chic look. Minimal eye makeup and hot red lipstick and you are done for the special day! Now it is just time to dance!