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Top 10 Bug Repelling Flowers That Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

It is amazing if we can produce our own vegetables. Spending time in fresh air has many advantages, and many experts say gardening has a very relaxing effect on our body. On the other hand, we can soon become familiar with many scourges that can quickly raise our stress level again.

Dealing with annoying pests can be discouraging especially when we are only starting. Luckily, certain flowers make our garden prettier and make a huge difference with our final product.

Here is a list of some of the most helpful bug-repelling plants we should consider including.

1. Nasturtiums or Tropaeolum



This lively colored flower, among others, repels aphids, known as Plant lice, Thrips, Whiteflies, Squash bugs, any beetles, and Cabbage loopers. Tropaeolum is especially effective against snails, so it is recommended to plant it near lettuce or other vegetables that are their most common target. While planting, it is advised to leave as much space around the plants as possible because it grows quite a lot, especially in width.

Besides the above, Nasturtiums are extremely healthy. You can add both aromatic leaves and flowers to your salads.

2. Marigold



Another amazing plant that can be a great asset to our garden is the Marigold. The scent confuses harmful insects and helps to keep annoying aphids, thrips, snails, Bean beetles, mosquitoes, and even rabbits away. The roots repel Nematodes, also known as Roundworms. It can be very useful to chop marigold plants and mix them into the soil at the end of the season.

3. Chrysanthemums



Chrysanthemums, these gorgeous-looking flowers, contain compounds called pyrethrum, also used as a common ingredient of insect repellents. These plants are very effective against numerous pests. They repel roaches, ants, beetles, mosquitoes, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bedbugs, Spider mites, Harlequin bugs, etc.

4. Alliums



Onion and its relative’s chives, leek, garlic, scallion, shallot are all coming from this group. Alliums grow tall, and their beautiful flowers help us protect our garden against worms, slugs, bean beetle, and many other unwanted insects. The best part is that they are not just great protection, but they can all be used in our kitchen, and they are really healthy. It is recommended to plant them near broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and kohlrabi. Chives is also a very good repellent against Plant lice, aphids, Carrot flies, Japanese beetle, and Cabbage worms.

5. Rosemary



This nicely smelling herb doesn’t only make our dishes tastier, but it can also work as a very useful guard against mosquitoes and various other insects harmful to our vegetables. Rosemary will protect our plants from infestation. Therefore, it shouldn’t be missed among our vegetables. The experts claim that the scent improves our memory.

6. Mint



A popular refreshing herb with a relaxing scent, most commonly used for teas, can actually be a really great benefit to our garden. It works as a prevention against Cabbage moths and many devastating insects. Cut mint plants and use them as mulch, especially for broccoli, cabbage, and turnips. Furthermore, Mint attracts desirable Hoverflies, also called Flower flies. It’s advisable to plant it in pots because it grows like weeds.

7. Thyme



Thyme is a potent herb widely used in the kitchen and known for its beneficial health effects is more than just spice or tea. It repels Whiteflies, Cabbage loopers, maggots, Corn ear-worms, Tomato horn-worms, etc.

8. Lavender



This fragrant flower is extensively used in homes, most known for being an effective clothing protector against clothes moth has a very pleasant scent for most people. On the contrary, moths, fleas, flies, borers, nematodes, mosquitoes, and other unwanted insects hate it. We can make small bouquets with dried lavender and use them outside and inside and even put it near our bed to help us fall asleep.

9. Petunias



We shouldn’t forget about mesmerizing Petunias. They won’t only make our garden more lively and beautiful. They also work as a repellent against various pests such as beetles, Squash bugs, Tomato horn-worms, asparagus beetles, leaf-hoppers, and Aphids. Make sure, though, that they’ll get enough sunlight.

10. Phacelia



This enchanting lavender-blue flower, Phacelia, is most recommended for another purpose. They are very successful at attracting insects useful for our vegetable growth. The nectar they are producing is irresistible to many insects such as bees and hoverflies.

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