Top 10 Free Patterns for Crocheted Snowflakes

The snowflake is one of nature’s best decorating ideas. And crochet Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make around the holidays. So why not combine these two and create some wonderful crocheted snowflakes to adorn your Christmas Tree or use as embellishment for other projects. Have fun experimenting with different sizes, colors and patterns … Read more

Top 10 Fashionable DIY Hats And Caps (Free Crocheting Patterns)

Since summer is right around the corner, we’re desperately eager to put away the winter and spring outfits and bring on the summer dresses and feet-freeing sandals. We’ve certainly deserved them after spending a ridiculous amount of time in sweaters and boots. However, chilly weather tends to sometimes creep up unannounced and unwelcomed, even during … Read more

Top 10 Crochet Patterns for Warm and Homey Blankets

If you are a big fan of crocheting, then you must try almost everything from the crochet world. As the colder months quickly approach, it’s time to start planning how to stay warm. Why don’t you use your creativity and love for crafts to create a crochet blanket!? Crocheting a warm and cozy cloak can … Read more

Top 10 Crochet Dog Sweaters (Free Crochet Patterns)

Top 10 Cute DIY Dog Sweaters (With Free Crochet Patterns) | Top Inspired

As the winter cold starts to bite, we all shelter beneath our thick woolen sweaters for warmth and protection. But what about our four-legged companions? If you think dogs have coats to protect them from the elements, remember that there are hundreds of dog breeds, and not all of them are equipped to handle the … Read more

Top 10 Interesting DIY Eyeglasses Cases

Whether it’s sunglasses or professionally prescription glasses, we all wear eyeglasses. They’re practical and fashionable, and more often than not, buying a pair can make a dent in your budget, especially if they’re branded or prescribed. With that being said, most eyewear is not well known for being durable, meaning it easily get scratched or … Read more

Top 10 Adorable DIY Crochet Kids’ Hats

Top 10 Adorable DIY Crochet Kids' Hats | Top Inspired

All parents have faced the difficulty of making their kids keep that woolen, crocheted hat on when they play outside during the winter season. They often complain that it itches or that they don’t need it, but we all know that the main reason is that they don’t like it. To solve that problem, there … Read more

Top 10 DIY Fashionable Clothes From Old Crocheted Doilies

If you had a grandmother that did crocheter knitting, then you most definitely have a bunch of your granny’s doilies stashed somewhere. Their most common use for doilies was a decorative one while covering and protecting various furniture around the home. Today you can hardly find a true crocheted doily in any home, and those … Read more

Top 10 Tutorials for Crochetet Accessories

Top 10 Tutorials for Crochetet Accessories | Top Inspired

Don’t you love it when while shopping you find the crochet that you were looking for, and how annoying is when you can’t find your ideal beret, cowl or gloves? But now, with the DIY project life is just much much easier! You can make everything that you wish for, just like it is in … Read more

Top 10 DIY Warm and Cozy Crochet Scarfs

Top 10 DIY Warm and Cozy Crochet Scarfs | Top Inspired

Crocheting is so much fun. You can create wonders with the help of a needle and some yarn. As the weather gets colder and coder we all start thinking about warmer clothes. One of the favorite (and unnecessary) items for winter are the scarfs. If you know the basics of crocheting you’ll be able to … Read more

Top 10 Free Patterns For DIY Crocheted Hats

If you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up that doesn’t require too much effort and has calming properties, you should look into crocheting or knitting. These old techniques for creating clothing, accessories, and even decorative objects from yarn is something that will not only bring you pleasure but can also become a way … Read more