Top 10 Super Cute Free Sewing Bag Patterns for Kids

Top 10 Super Cute Free Sewing Bag Patterns for Kids | Top Inspired

Enjoy making creative things for you and your kids? You’re in the right place. You will love this amazing post for sewing bag patterns, and your kids will love it too! Bring smiles to their little faces by making them any of these cute, beautiful bags. They will certainly love it and will be thankful … Read more

Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tutorials

Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tutorials | Top Inspired

Sewing is a great thing! We like sewing because you can make whatever you want, and the piece you are sewing it, you make it how you like. Everything you need to start sewing is to have a sewing machine, the needed materials, and ideas about what you want to do. If you haven’t sewed … Read more

Top 10 DIY Fabric Storage Bins

Top 10 DIY Fabric Storage Bins | Top Inspired

Storage bins are already one of the most important things in every home! To be organized, you need to keep so many things, especially those little ones like sewing supplies, cords, chargers, and toys from the kids, eve to keep their socks, jewelry, or diapers and wipes. But did you know that you can make … Read more

Top 10 DIY Casual Summer T-Shirts

Top 10 DIY Casual Summer T-Shirts | Top Inspired

Let’s talk about those plain old t-shirts hanging in your closet! Wouldn’t you like to wear them with more than your faded jeans and sneakers on Saturdays? Why not spruce them up with a bit of gorgeous upcycling? Whether your personal style is lacy, cute, or funky, we have a simple DIY to remake your … Read more

Top 10 DIY Shorts Tutorials

Top 10 DIY Shorts Tutorials | Top Inspired

There is no time when you can go all along in your life without using the shorts as by the use of the shorts one can surely keep herself away from the harsh burning rays of the sun as this is not the words but is also the reality. To tell you your power, girls … Read more

Top 10 Sewing Patterns for Stylish Pants

Pants are probably the most comfortable piece of clothing. They can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s a regular workday, a coffee date or a get-together with friends, a girls’ night out, or a dinner date with your partner. That’s why you always need some new pair of super cool pants! However, you don’t … Read more

Top 10 Cool Sewing Patterns For Kids Clothes

Kids grow up so fast. Often, it seems like they outgrow a new piece of clothing every day. How parents dress their children is very important today, much more than it used to be in the past. Besides, children themselves develop a taste for fashion from a young age, so it might seem difficult to … Read more

Top 10 Plus Size Sewing Patterns

Sometimes it can be really hard to find clothes that will fit and flatter you. If you’re a plus-size, then finding beautiful clothing it’s even harder, so why not start sewing. There are so many sewing patterns that are made especially for women who wear plus sizes. Here are 10 inspirations that contain pants, dresses, … Read more

Top 10 Free Patterns for Sewing Black Dresses

Black color is always fashionable, especially during the cold winter months. But, when it comes to this color there is one piece of cloth that never goes out of style and it’s a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe…yes, we’re talking about a little black dress! Everyone has it, but we’re always in a need of … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Sewn Winter Hats

Come wintertime, we all need something to keep the flesh-biting winter air away – and what better way to do that than with a hat? Normally, the first kind of hats we turn to are the knitted ones because they seem the warmest and look the coziest. However, sewn ones can be just as good. … Read more