Sometimes all you need to feel better at home is little redecorating. However, all come with a price tag and a little bit of creativity – both of which is not that easy to acquire.

The good thing is that today we are going to share a list of top ten décor ideas you can use to renew home without clearing your bank account too much!

Metal details

As in previous years, metal and its luster are still considered being super stylish in the interior. Various gold, pink gold, bronze, brass fittings are vividly reflected all around different household elements. Think of lamps, mirrors, artwork or even textile in such color palette. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of metals – they go perfectly well together.


Marble, also known as a shiny stone, had previously been used to build palaces and temples, gouge columns and sculptures. Thankfully in 2016, this material became extremely popular among interior designers who use it to decorate the house. And you don’t have to use all of it to make a home floor, the bathroom or the construction of the fireplace – after all, that all comes with pretty big spendings. Use just a couple of marble items – cups, coasters, lamps with marble fittings, candlesticks or modern marble clock and you are all set.

The range of colors

Most homeowners tend to choose safe and neutral colors for their interiors – neutral white, gray or yellow. But now color play returns to the home interior and invites to renew home with a few bolder elements. Classical colors like dark blue, green, gold and purple, are trending right now, and it will go perfectly well with other neutral color décor items around the house too.


This substance, which, probably, will never disappear from the lists of home décor trends, is always a brave and a good investment. This year is dominated by light wood furniture and fittings. These will fit in well with metal parts we talked above, which together will create a modern, but warm contrast.

Ethnographic prints

Forget about the old and dull industrial interior which doesn’t provide any coziness feeling in the room. Right now various prints and motifs reminding of ethnographic elements are trending in the world of home interior. These items will not only have lasting historical value but also will show off your patriotism or all the visited places around the globe. Also, such retailers like Target, Kohl’s or Overstock are fully stocked with décor elements, and they usually offer up to 45% off coupon code to shop for it way cheaper! However, take notice, that cushions, carpets and other small objects can be with such art, but, in order to avoid kitsch in the room, make sure to use such elements in more neutral-colored rooms.

Home garden

Another important home decoration – plants. Regardless of the time of year, plants give your household life and bright colors. Install a mini conservatory if you are a private homeowner, while apartment dwellers can plant flowers of their choice in exquisite ceramics and decorate the corners of the house or windowsills.


Home is our individual space. Here you can reveal the best of your character. This is what is highlighted by interior designers too. At home we must feel ourselves, so we recommend custom-made or unique décor elements in your household. Something like your kids’ paintings can do the trick too!

Floral motifs

Flowers come not only in the natural state. Their leaves, blooms, and petals are reflected in the wallpapers and textiles – cushions with large flowers, palm patterns are highly fashionable right now. It also perfectly matches the pastel colors and light interior, which is dominated by wood.


Artists’ community worldwide is noticing a trend of supplying food in exclusive works of art like dishes and pottery. It makes even the simplest fruit snack feel like a gourmet meal. Works of art are increasingly appearing on the table, turning daily meetings with friends into a cozy meeting at a gallery.

Subtle luxury

We also invite to give up heavy textures and turn your house into a fresh, pure forms space, which calms the noise of the city. It also worth to invest in luxury granting decor items like textiles, dishes, paintings and others. Several pieces of matching artwork will enliven the classic design and will give more elegant forms of the home environment. Selection of high-quality and stylish details will keep the house in style, which will surely stand the test of time too.