Probably, everyone has some old, ugly sweater which is taking dust in the closet for nothing. If you’re owner of this kind of a sweater, then instead of throwing it out or throwing it to the moths, you can use it for making home decorations. It’s kind of crazy the things you can do with old sweaters. You can cover different objects with sweaters: vases, wreaths, pillows, candle holders, furniture, lampshades, cuffs or trees. The possibilities are endless, but because of the holiday season, we’ve gathered only DIY projects for recycling old sweaters which represent Christmas. Check out the ideas bellow and let us know which project will be yours!

DIY Sweater Ornaments

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_01DIY Tutorial via

DIY Christmas Sweater Sleeve Trees

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_02DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sweater Pillow

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_03DIY Tutorial via

DIY Holiday Sweater Stocking

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_04DIY Tutorial via

Sweater Presents

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sweater Star

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_09DIY Tutorial via

 Sweaters into Pillows

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY: Sweater Stocking

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_07DIY Tutorial via

Sweater Christmas Trees Tutorial

christmas-diy-idea-recycle-old-sweater_10DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sweater Ornaments

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