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Top 10 Unussual Coffee Uses

Can anybody imagine life without coffee? I think that most of you can’t imagine your day starting without coffee. We would all stumble around for hours every morning, lost without our precious fix.

We love coffee for its flavor, its aroma, and of course its pick-me-up, but not everyone knows that there are much more uses of the coffee other than drinking it. These top 10 tips will give you surprising and unusual uses for fresh coffee beans or grounds that have gone stale, the pounds of used grounds you toss out every week, and the dregs at the bottom of your cup.

So, drink your coffee with gusto, but remember that it is not the only blessing that it is giving to you!

Reduce Cellulite


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The top 10 subjects girls have talked about for decades and will continue to do for eternity but then, we might do with this super trick in between. And honestly, the results are there. Now, do not expect a miracle, but do expect some undesired blemishes to go away. It is something that does not cost you much, as it already passed through coffee grinds. And, it could also give you a little tan in the process, and smell rather delicious. Win-win!

Repair Furniture


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Lovers of wood furniture would understand that after a while, the loving wooden family antic might start going a little stale and have signs of wear and tear going off white in places with every day-to-day lifestyle. In order to keep the utmost original state of the furniture, it might not be advised to sand it down and start the varnishing process all over again, especially if you wish to keep most of the history intact. This is an incredible way to put back together in no time freshening up, at no cost really, your loved meaningful piece of furniture for future generations to enjoy as much as you have done. Simple DIY restoration process.

Remove Smell From Hands


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If you are a fan of cooking, you might cut your fair share amount of garlic and onions. And the smell and taste although delicious, might not be so glamorous on the way to work shaking everyone’s hands, and wish to not leave them a garlic impression of you. So, make yourself a coffee in the morning before starting to cook and cut anything into tiny pieces, save the coffee used grounds, and put it aside. Do your cooking stuff, wash off your hands as you would with liquid soap, then, rub your hands in the coffee ground. You would be amazed, everything disappears! Going to bed smelling of food might not be glamorous so give this a go.

Get Silky Hair


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If you have medium to long hair you might really find this rather useful. We can all find very expensive hair products that most might end up doing the same thing as the other, and not very much to be honest. And can cost an arm depending on the brand and the somewhat over-the-top story that your hair will all over suddenly look like the picture or advert on TV. Anyway, the coffee ground will naturally smooth the scalp of any unwanted dried-up skin and will benefit your hair with its natural boost of caffeine great for both skin and hair. It will exfoliate the unwanted, and make your small lovely in the process.

Hair Dye

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There are some wonderful hair dyes on the market and now we can get better, more organic, and natural ones without damaging the hair as much as before. So this is great. However, if you wish to try out a deeper color if you appear to be medium to light brown to blond, but might not adopt the color forever, then take the next 2 years to have it going out depending on your hair length, then this is just the trick. It will last a week or so depending on how often you wash your hair, no more than three times a week really to keep the natural oil alive. Replenish whenever you wish to. It’s a great way to change momentarily without having to stress over having to dye your hair forever and always damaging your natural color and hair quality.

Make Coffee Cake

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Coffee cakes generally speaking have no coffee in them. Weird we know. But we have found a simple recipe to make any lovers of coffee very happy. And, you can serve this with your favorite coffee ice cream, and your very own espresso on the side. You could even stretch to making your own coffee Chantilly cream with dehydrated coffee grounds. This is a lovely recipe for afternoon tea with friends and family. You could always try the classic and never seize to impress, the god of coffee sweet treats, the Tiramisu.

Odor Neutralizer


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Whether we like it or not regardless of how clean you try to keep your surroundings, there will still be unwanted smells coming from closed areas such as cupboards, shoe areas, a bin if you had a leak from the fish you cooked or anything that might upset your sense of smell and your nostrils. And, this will also repel at the same time the little insect one might get during the summer months depending on where you live in the world. Set the used coffee on fire, and you will see a little volcano having this little streak of smoke coming out of it, making the room smell delightful in minutes.

Clean Tools And Dishware


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You love cooking but the cleaning part can always be done the day after? And perhaps you have forgotten to put water in the pans to make it easier to clean the following morning? Or simply, you have a family heirloom dating decades back and is somewhat really worn looking? Well, using coffee grounds really does work magic. A lot of expensive and over-promising stuff is out there promoting the magic, but really, not worth all the fuss and the money. It works wonders in your bathrooms too promoting the white of your bathtub, sink, and toilet in general. Plus, it’ll get rid of unwanted odors.

Face Mask And Scrub

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Exfoliating products are all over the market, everywhere we see, all over advertisements as the solution to mankind’s soft skin. Coffee, easier to understand and use in absolute safety. It naturally scrubs away the dead skin and the unwanted irritated areas, reviving skin cells and putting a little momentary tan on yourself. Coffee ground revitalizes many aspects of the skin and something we tend to miss out on. Yet, a lot of us consume so much coffee that one might not ever need scrubbing “miracle” creams ever again.

Marinade Meat

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Something not unusual in Latin America and in South Africa is to marinate your meat with coffee. Not only does it tenderize the meat but also packs in incredible flavors before waking it over the grill. It tenderizes the meat like no other and will accentuate the flavor as you’ve never steak before in your life.

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