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Top 10 Ways To Decorate With Apples

Apple is one of the tastiest and most versatile fruits of the fall. It can be baked, broiled, poached, and more. It is perfect in cakes, pies, and savory foods as well. Apples are not only deliciously crispy and healthy but also very pretty. These colorful, shiny fruits can be a beautiful decorative element to your home.

Now that fall has arrived, and all the leaves change into beautiful autumn colors, it is time to dress up your home in autumnal decoration. We have selected ten creative DIY ideas, all made with fresh apples. Besides eating apples, build beautiful apple centerpieces, apple candles, or shelves decors.

1. Apple Topiary Centerpiece



This apple topiary centerpiece is so easy to prepare. You’ll only need apples, fresh sprigs of greenery, a foam topiary form, some floral skewers, and a nice flower pot. You can choose a cone shape foam form if that fits into your home design better. Experiment with colors by adding green apples or make the same decoration with fresh pears!

2. Apple Votives



Here is another simple, quick, and low-budget decoration idea for your dinner table. Simply carve the top part out with a sharp knife and place a tealight into the hole. You will have a fresh centerpiece for some days, and once the apples start to go brown, bake them into a pie. Even better to eat them fresh before they turn brown.

3. Royal Icing Decorated Apples





These beautiful lace-embroidery apples require some patience and skills, but this one won’t be much different if you have already decorated Christmas cookies. You will need a good icing material made with powdered sugar, egg white, and a pastry decorating pen.

4. Apple Wreath





Hang different wreaths on your front door to celebrate the change of season. You can create an autumnal decoration in half-an-hour by following the second tutorial. Buy a metal wreath form at a craft store, pick some fresh greens such as Nandina and Eucalyptus, and some granny smith apples. Add pine cones and red ribbon, and you’ll have a beautiful Christmas wreath.

5. Apple Place Card



Here is a creative and really decorative place-card idea. Perfect for an autumn wedding or Thanksgiving place setting. Simply create a nice little bouquet of sprigs, add the decoratively cut piece of paper with the name on it and stick it into the carved apple.

6. Apple Bombs



Including Spider Mums in your fall decoration is a great way to add a personalized touch to your home or event. These acid-green flowers look amazing on a rustic table, creating an explosive centerpiece. You just have to core the apples, fill them with water-soaked Oasis, and stuck a short-stemmed flower inside. Yellow or white Spider Mums will look just as pretty as the green ones.

7. Floating Apples


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Apples don’t sink when put in water, so they make perfect floating tealights. This is a quick and easy decorating idea that you can use indoors and outdoors as well. This rustic and natural floating apple tealight makes a beautiful centrepiece perfect as an autumn wedding decoration. To fill up the gap between the apples, add chestnuts or colorful leaves.

8. Apple as Napkin Holder



This is a wonderful idea to skip the napkin folding next time you have guests for dinner. A decorative and easy way to present napkins is to simply wrap them around fruits. Fold the napkin diagonally into a triangle, wrap it around an apple or pear and tie a nice, natural string around it.

9. Apple and Glass



If you have a small bouquet of flowers, a few apples, and a nice glass vase, you can easily create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table. The halved apples will cover the stalks and keep your bouquet in place. Make sure to put a few drops of lemon juice to keep the apples from browning.

10. Apple Candle Holder



Here is another idea of how to use apples as a candle holder. There are two ways to place the candle into the apple. Either carve a hole with a sharp knife or buy some candleholders similar to those you would use when decorating birthday cakes. Add some nice leaves and make sure your apple is balanced.

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