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Top 10 DIY Accessories From Old CD’s

No person hasn’t got in their home a bunch of old CDs that are only there to catch dust because these days nobody uses them anymore.

Well, that should definitely change; we are not telling you to put them in the CD drive, but instead of that, put them in boiling water, let them sit for a couple of minutes to soften them up. When you pull them out and separate the hard plastic, you can cut them into pieces and forms that you like and start making your art.

You can make so many different things with them, and for you today, we have selected the top 10 DIY accessories that are gorgeous and fabulous looking. If you are a fan of the hologram or mirror look, you would probably love our inspirational ideas. Enjoy them!

DIY Hologram Bag



This bag is such a piece of art. Not only the old CD part, but the whole bag is an excellent DIY project. If you want to figure out how to do that, open the link below the picture and follow the instructions.

Hanging Earrings



Find some old earrings that you haven’t worn in ages, and glue them to random CD parts. You can see the difference; you will instantly have new and unique earrings that everyone will love.

Triangle Statement Necklace



You can have this piece of the rainbow on your neck by cutting a same-sized triangle piece and then attaching them on a chain. It is effortless and so quality-looking.

Hologram Necklace and Bracelet




No one can resist the hologram look; it is like wearing magic on yourself. If you want a piece of that magic, too, then you can make this beautiful necklace and bracelet. Follow the instructions in the link below the picture.

Bold DIY Bracelet



This big, bold bracelet can experiment with something that you already have in your home, like used scotch tape or something similar. The other part is the easy part. Glue the pieces and wait for them to dry out.

Heart Necklace With Door Inside



After cutting the CD, the heart pieces back into the boiling water, so they will boil a little more and get that wrinkly look. Then attach some symbol in the middle, for example, the suggestion on the photo, a door.

Decorate Your Collar



If you find your white shirt too boring, you can easily change that. Glue the CD pieces on the collar, and you will immediately change its looks.

Bead Pins Necklace



This simple necklace is made from bead pins, attached, and on them are hanging peace that is boiled after the cutting, and that’s why they got this beautiful soft look.

Prism Heart Pendant



Here is another idea for you if you are a romantic that is in love with the heart shape. Cut two hearts the way you like them the most, attach a chain with needle-nose pliers, add a clasp, and you’re done.

DIY Collar Necklace



This big beautiful collar necklace is our last idea for this article. The process is the same; just glue the pieces the way you think they should be. One important part that you shouldn’t forget is that you can use CDs in different colors, and that way you make the looks more realistic and pretty.

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