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Top 10 Useful DIY Bathroom Tile Projects

One of the most expensive to renovate or decorate parts of the house is the bathroom. However, there are ways to cut the costs. You can do this by trying to do the most of the work by yourself. One of the things you can do by yourself is the tile.

If you browse the net you’ll find many ideas – but believe us most of them are impossible to do by yourself (and expensive too). That is why we found 10 DIY bathroom tile projects that you CAN easily do with a little help. Take a look and find your inspiration…

How to Tile a Bathtub Backsplash Part


DIY Shower Tile


Diy Bathroom Floor Tile


DIY White Tile and Blue Sripe Bathroom


Painting Old Vinyl Floor Tiles

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DIY Bathroom Tile with Rustoleum Tub & Tile Kit


DIY Two Stripe Pattern Bathroom Tile


How To Paint Tile in 2 Easy Steps


Secrets for Amateurs Who Want to Tile a Basement Bathroom


DIY Tile Shower


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  1. Doing your own tiling would really save you much. And it would be an opportunity for you to show your creative side too. Thanks anyway for sharing this list of DIY bathroom tile projects.


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