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Top 10 Best DIY Beauty Recipes

Body care, face care, hair care. Endless care, in translation. Whatever you do and whoever you are with, you should never forget about yourself. Feeling good in your own skin it’s really important for your confidence and happiness.

That is why, we suggest you to have fun on your own at home and try to make these all natural beauty products that will make you shine in every sense of that word. And we promise you that. Ingredients are pretty much what you always have at home, so if you find yourself in middle of nothing,  get your hands busy and do this. Outstanding results guaranteed.

Lemon and Honey Face Scrub


Whatever season it’s about to be, your face and skin should always be ready and prepared. And is there really a better way than using a scrub that is made from pure natural ingredients? Make this one and you’ll be happy you did!

During the colder months, the humidity level outside drops which makes the water in our skin evaporate more quickly, leaving our skin extremely dry. Goat milk has a unique PH that is similar to the PH of the human body, meaning it’s less irritating and packed with fatty acids and vitamins. In addition, goat milk helps with hydration and has antibacterial properties. Blend goat milk with a mashed apple, apply the paste on your face, and enjoy your nourishing face mask.

You can also boost your collagen and moisturizing levels by also taking advantage of goat milk soap benefits for your daily skincare routine.

Chocolate Oatmeal Face Mask


Well, chocolate might not be the best for your health except you are using the dark one, but, when it comes to beauty products, it is indeed helpful. Combined with oatmeal, it makes a perfect scrub/mask that will take of everything unfriendly to your skin.

Pumpkin Face Mask


Pumpkin is actually really good, whatever you use it for. This face mask is super easy to make on your own and really refreshing. So, if it’s been a while that you did something good for yourself, now it’s the right time to do so again.

Homemade Toner With Fennel


Well, this is a real secret and it’s about time for all of you to know how good fennel is for you. It reduces inflammation and it rejuvenates skin. So, fennel up and go for it.

Avocado Hair Mask


Are you really tired of your dry hair and you are out of ides how to really save it? Well, here is a solution. Avocado combined with some oils will help you avoid dry hair and it will actually only shine from now on.

Easy Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Gloss


Hey all of you crafty people, time for some lip care and we mean it this time. Entirely nature and jelly based, this lip gloss is so easy to make. It softness your lip and it makes it look really appealing.

DIY Honey Shampoo


There is no beauty if there is no honey. This shampoo really takes your hair care on a totally different level. Smells amazing and it really helps you in long term.

Red Hot Lip Gloss


Red is always in. It is sexy, appealing, seductive and definitely a woman’s signature. Made of cinnamon, you will enjoy having it on your lips. Make it and be ready for a night out.

Parsley Eye Mask For Dark Circles


You haven’t been sleeping for a while now and people star noticing you eye bags. Whatever it’s natural, it’s healing somehow. Parsley eye mask will definitely help you look fresh and like you’ve been sleeping like a baby.

Bees Wax, Coconut & Essential Oil Body Butter


There is no better feeling when your body is soft and smells essential. Taking care of your body is very important and really, a key to happiness and beauty. Use this body butter, it will be your mission to make yourself feel like that every day.

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