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Top 10 DIY Toys and Accessories for Your Cat

Cats can be the biggest and most loyal friends of a man if they are treated properly. As part of our lives, they can make us happy and feeling loved. Kittens are friendly and furry pets that will hang with you on the cold winter days. So for that reason, we need to enable them comfortable and carefree life.

In autumn, kittens are very gentle and friendly, and they want to stay in your warm home. Here are some ideas on how you can surprise your cat with a new game and friendship.

Unconditional love for our cats presents happiness for all of us who are fans of beautiful and charming kittens. Every kitty will be happy if you spend a little part of your time making homemade toys for their pleasure.

These DIY toys and accessories are easy to make at your home, so we hope you will have a wonderful time in the company with your kitten.

Red Falling Toy

ball-cat Cat-Toy


This red toy will attract and keep the attention of your pet. A proven favorite game for domestic cats.

Comfortable Cat Bed



Favorite part of the day for every cat is when he is sleeping. Provide a quality and comfortable bed for your kitten in his favorite place in your home.

Cat Teaser Toys



Cats have a hunter instinct really developed. Toys in the form of fish are very interesting for cats and especially if they are in a different color.

Scratching Cat Rope



Scratching the rope is part of the daily routine of every kitten. Kittens enjoy sharpening and cleaning his fingernails. This is a wonderful idea for relaxing your kitten.

Cat Tent



Your kitten will immediately feel loved and protected if it has a home in your home. This tent is the perfect idea for a place where the cat will spend his day.

 Homemade Irresistible Ball



In only a few minutes, you can enable enjoyment for your cat doing this ball. The smell of food will further stimulate the game.

Feather Cat Toy



The colorful paint on the toy is a winning combination for a successful play with your kitten. It undoubtedly will play with you with great interest. Cats adore colorful toys because it is very mystic for them.

Staircase for Your Cat



Your cat loves observing you from high places. These stairs are a perfect part of your home where the cat will have an overview of everything in his environment.

White Mouse for Your Cat



White mоuse represents an eternal desire for hunting by cats. White мouse will be a challenge for capturing by your kitten.

Cardboard Cat House


Cats may be very different than dogs, but they also want their own shelf and place, which will defend as their territory.

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