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Top 10 Best DIY Christmas Garlands

December is a perfect time to say goodbye to the fall and all the Thanksgiving decorations and start preparing for the most cheerful period of the year, Christmas.

This year, instead of spending money on decorations that probably everyone will have, make some one-of-a-kind decorations yourself.

Holidays are great for craft projects. It’s a lot of fun to do them with the whole family. It’s an activity that will bring you closer together and that everyone will equally enjoy doing. There are many DIY holiday decorations, but we made a list of festive Christmas garlands. We know that the tree is probably the most important decoration for Christmas, but many people want to put a unique garland around it. And not just there, garlands can be placed on a wall, along staircases, on a mantle, on the front door and anywhere you see fit.

Dried oranges, pine cones, twigs – you can make beautiful garlands with pretty much anything. Use your imagination and get creative!

These garlands are super easy to make and they will add a bright touch to any place you put them on.

Happy holidays!

A Christmas Twig Garland

Rustic decor is a classic interior trend that never goes out of style. Using twigs or branches, you can easily make this amazing garland and use it as a decoration all year long.

Christmas Tree Tassel Garland


Tassels are such a fun decoration and children especially love them. You can make the tassels in any shape or color you’d like and add all kinds of accessories to the garland. It’s perfect to hang it on a wall near the Christmas tree.

Cinnamon Himmeli And Dried Orange Garland


Not only will your home be decorated with a unique, DIY piece, but it’ll also smell amazing! Create a cozy ambiance by making this festive cinnamon himmeli and dried orange garland. We guarantee everyone who comes to visit will ask where it’s from.

No-Sew Burlap Chain Christmas Garland


This might be the simplest item on our list that only takes a few hours to make. You can make it in the most popular colors of Christmas, red and green, or you can choose a color you’d like. It’s a perfect addition to the Christmas decorations and it’s also a great, handmade gift.

Christmas Lighted Fabric Garland


The perfect place to hang this wonderful garland is over a door or a glass window. The lights make it even prettier and add a cozy feeling.

Cranberry And Pine Cone Garland


Bring nature into your home by crafting this one-of-a-kind garland. Cranberries and pine cones work really well together and they will brighten up any space they’re placed in. Plus, you can use it as both a Christmas and a Thanksgiving decoration.

Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar Garland


Nothing is more “Christmasy” than lights! Aside from being decorative, this garland also has a function. It’s fun, festive, and colorful. Just follow the instructions on how to make it. We guarantee you’ll want to make one every year.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Garland


Pipe cleaners are so versatile and that’s why they are used in many DIY projects. This cute garland will add a retro vibe to any home. It’s a fun project that would be perfect to make with your kids. You’ll definitely love the result.

Paper Holly Garland


There is absolutely nothing you can’t do with paper! It’s used for almost anything and you can play with it as much as you like. You can make different shapes, sizes, cuts, colors, anything you’d like! You can also make other paper decorations to go with this elegant and festive garland. Who would think that they are made from paper?

Colorful Deco Mesh Holiday Garland


If you need something to put you in the holiday spirit, this would be it! A beautiful and colorful deco mesh garland. You can make it in green and red for a true Christmas feel or you can make it in a bit more sophisticated, in silver and gold. Either way, this garland will be a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations.

Paper, mesh, pine cones, lights – Christmas is the time to bring out the crafts and leftovers you stashed from other projects and put them to good use. We hope you liked our list of ideas for amazing DIY Christmas garlands. If you plan to do some of them, don’t forget to share the end results in the comments below.

Enjoy the holidays!

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