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Top 10 Embellished DIY Christmas Lights

Christmas and Christmas lights go hand in hand. It is the only holiday in the year where you can go crazy with different kinds of lights and decorations. The more, the merrier! The glittery and sparkly lights add to the Christmas spirit and make a beautiful cozy atmosphere in the home. If you combine the right lights with some candles and different kinds of decorations, you can make your home look like a true winter wonderland and like the homes we see in a magazine.

Sometimes, string lights bought from a store are just not enough. So, if you have some old lights and a little bit of time and tools, it’s time to get creative and convey the wonderful and joyful Christmas spirit. Plus, everyone who visits your home will be envious of your handmade lights and will want them for themselves.

If you like to embellish your plain Christmas lights, look no further! We collected a list of 10 amazing DIY projects to help you in this process. We’re sure you’ll love all of them.

DIY Christmas Bow String Lights


We will start our list with a simple project that we’re sure everyone can make. The shiny bows on the Christmas lights look so cute and festive. It truly is a perfect and fun project for the holiday season.

Yogurt Cup Lighted Garland


Who would’ve thought that you can make a beautiful garland from yogurt cups? It’s possible! Not only is this project unique, but it’s also eco-friendly. So, don’t throw away your yogurt cups. Wash them thoroughly and use them to make this wonderful Christmas garland for your home.

Starry Lights


Prepare for some true Winter Wonderland with these beautiful lights! Your home will look like the most wonderful starry night. And what’s more “Christmasy” than a warm, cozy atmosphere around you, and you and your family all tucked under a blanket enjoying your time together? Priceless, isn’t it?

Twinkly Wall Christmas Tree


Who says that Christmas trees cannot stand on a wall? This decoration made of lights will make any plain wall look wonderful and festive. It’s a great, modern way to decorate your home without spending too much money on wall decorations. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

Lit Frosted Ball Wreath


Although at first glance, this project may look difficult to make, once you get the hang of it, you’ll make it quicker and easier than you thought. It looks very modern and elegant and it truly is a unique decoration that can stay in your home not only during the Christmas season but all year round.

DIY Christmas Icicle Mini Lights


These little lights look so adorable and they would be perfect for your backyard or patio. You can of course place them on your balcony or at any place in your home you’d like. They are quick and easy to make and you can make the string as long as you’d like.

Christmas Lights Orbs


For this project, you will need some wires and lights. This is a project that lets all your creativity flow in different directions. You can go crazy and place these cute orbits around your home or in your garden. If you place them in your garden, we’re sure you’ll make all your neighbors envious. Either way, they look amazing!

DIY Film Canister Lights


This is another project that’s not reserved for Christmas only. These one-of-a-kind lights can make any movie night with your friends or family fun and wonderful. It’s good for your home and for your budget.

Christmas Lights DIY


Plastic balls are so versatile, they can be used for many purposes. This project is very fun to make. Your lights will look colorful and festive. Plus, we’re sure your children will absolutely love them!

DIY Mock-vintage Floral Bulb Reflectors


It’s always a good idea to add something vintage and romantic to your set of Christmas decorations. These floral lights will fit perfectly into your home. They also make a great centerpiece for your dinner table.

This was our list of wonderful and budget-friendly embellished Christmas lights you can make yourselves. We are sure some of them will find a place in your home. Share your favorite one in the comments.

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