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Top 10 DIY Creative Classroom Decorations

Fall is the perfect time for teachers to decorate their classrooms in a way that gets kids even more engaged with school and the changing seasons around them. What follows are some smartest and cutest DIY ideas for decorating your classroom without breaking your budget.

Simple, fun, and seasonal, these projects will breathe new life into your students’ school days.

The classroom of your dreams is easy to achieve with a little DIY magic. Your main classroom spaces will all be covered: walls, storage, and student spaces. We guess if you take these ideas, you’ll literally have your room “covered.”

It is a joy to share each of these with you as we enjoy promoting teachers and the hard work they do! We hope you find something fantastic that you’d like to make some interesting and creative decorations into your classroom.

Game Board Storage Art



Board games make the perfect art, in our humble opinion. They are beautifully designed and large enough to be substantial art pieces. Want to see how we did it? Basically, it is a reversed shadow box.

Simple Sit-Upon for Your Reading Circle



They are lightweight, waterproof, and provide padding for any way we might need to sit. You could also use them as a time-out mat or for trips to the park.

Spell Out “NOISE” with Foam Letters



Take away a letter each time the noise level gets too high, and when there are no letters left, there is no talking. Interesting, right?

Vinyl Transfers for Semi-Permanent Decals for Words You Don’t Want to Have to Rewrite Everyday



One thing that can always get annoying is to have to write the same thing repeatedly, if not every day. One of those things for teachers is writing the date. To not note “Today is..” on the board every day, we just cut out some vinyl, so we only have to change the date.

Truffula Flower Pom-Poms as Ceiling Decorations



Make these simple tissue pom-poms to dress up your classroom table or hang them from a chandelier for a vibrant look. The kids gonna love them, especially if they are in all colors.

Cut Letters Out of Fabric and Iron Them On for a Temporary Wall Decoration



Tip: if you are smarter than us and can think backward better, you can probably trace your lettering on the heat-n-bond before you put it on your fabric, but we have learned from experience that we like to have the material on, so we can really see which way everything is going to come out.

Share Chair



The “Share Chair” is used weekly for students to share their work, writing, or book recommendations. Students sign up for a slot to share their work each week. This puts sharing back into the hands of the child.

Make a Camping Themed Reading Area



Make a transition to summer for their students by having an entire building of camping fun. You will need a bucket, construction paper, and toilet paper rolls.

Tissue Paper Window Art



Using tissue paper and fabric starch, you can make the coolest tissue paper window art! It is cheap, easy, and relaxed! And your kids can help you do this.

Use Ribbon as a Bulletin Board Border



This border looks difficult! We guarantee that it will be the easiest thing you have ever done, and you will love all the compliments from your students, parents, and colleagues!

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