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Top 10 DIY Warm and Cozy Crochet Scarfs

Crocheting is so much fun. You can create wonders with the help of a needle and some yarn. As the weather gets colder and coder we all start thinking about warmer clothes.

One of the favorite (and unnecessary) items for winter are the scarfs. If you know the basics of crocheting you’ll be able to follow these patterns we are sharing today.

Beautiful Motif Scallop Crochet Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_01Pattern and photo credit to

Sea Shells – Crochet Scarf Free Pattern for Kids & Women

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_02Pattern and photo credit to

Maureen Scarf Pattern

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_03Pattern and photo credit to

Crochet Scarf Pattern

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_04Pattern and photo credit to

Ingrid Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_05Pattern and photo credit to

Vanilla Bean Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_06Pattern and photo credit to

Cassia Scarf Pattern by Kittyboo Crochet

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_07Pattern and photo credit to

Celebration Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_08Pattern and photo credit to

Timeless Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_09Pattern and photo credit to

Easy Crochet Scarf

top-10-diy-warm-and-cozy-crochet-scarfs_10Pattern and photo credit to

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