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Top 10 DIY Gift Projects

Some of us love to give, and some prefer to receive presents. Which one are you? Presents have been part of our lives since we can remember and will hopefully continue to be so.

Whether for Christmas, birthdays, wedding anniversary or graduations, or simply just thinking about someone and what they would love as a small gift, what sometimes is more effective is both the surprise element and excitement, the anticipation so to speak, and the way the present is wrapped.

Yes, we could spend even more time thinking about the wrapping rather than the present itself. And we all do it. Here are a few great ways to get that wow first impression. We hope the present will be a match! Let us know which is your preferred project.

DIY Wrapping Paper Bow



Let’s be honest, bows are like the most important part of the wrapping! It just makes the whole present! You do have some people though who might receive presents that may not appreciate the full world that went into it, so upon handing over the present make sure you let them know to appreciate it a little before ripping it apart! It is a lovely DIY touch that will impress the person receiving your gift, knowing that you made something yourself in the process.

How to Make Gift Bags From Newspaper



If you are an avid fan of the newspaper on a Sunday morning alongside a nice cup of tea, then this could just be the ticket. In one morning we can devour an entire newspaper or within a day at the most, then discard it. But for those wishing to do their recycling bit, and do something super different that will look strangely brilliant, then the newspaper wrap can be something really fun to do. Especially if you can find one with a smart headline that could have a double meaning too.

DIY Photo Wrapping Paper



Ever wanted to have your face on a close friend or family’s present? Or perhaps a picture of the first clue of what the present might be? Or simply and purely an image of something they love dearly? If you have a printer there is nothing easier for this one. Even finding something in black and white and not just necessarily color. Make the present wrapped in something unique that will really show your dedication to pleasing the other.

DIY Painted Camera Strap



If you know someone with a fancy camera, you may fear for them not to drop it and damage it. Or they do have a strap but which does not motivate the mind to think outside the box. This is a lovely DIY showcasing your creativity with something really rather simple. Yet, something that crucially can give ideas to the person behind the lens to take something magical. This is a craft that will not take you long to create and could be done, without the drying time of under an hour.

DIY Studded iPhone Case



If you have teenagers this could be absolutely perfect for them, and a way to get their creativity going. And on top of it, it would be a craft that will differentiate them from others. And as we know, differentiation is really important especially at this age. It is not something that will cost much money, but that will give the impression that it is a one-of-a-kind phone case, fit for a princess. It can also add to the cool look one is trying to achieve.

Tea Towel DIY



Something we use every single day. And something that we might not really pay a lot of attention to. The tea towel. This can be super present for someone, as it is something they would be able to use every day and therefore think of you every day. You’ll need some recycled fabric that you no longer use, and a little time on your hands. And voila, you are set!

DIY Floral Sunglasses



Cannot quite afford a pair of 200 US dollars plus, on a new pair of sunglasses? The in thing, the super trendy, the now? Well, why not stand out from the crowd and why not have an independent look. Besides, some people might not want to look like the neighbors, and everyone’s neighbors for the same matter, and wish to go for individualism instead? This is a great craft and ought to be giving you ideas even if you wish not to replicate the same, but will fire up your arty self. Take your ordinary-looking sunglasses and spruce them up a bit.

DIY Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls



If you like a little flamboyance in your life but cannot really justify spending a four-figure amount on gold crockery, then this is exactly for you. Not only will it not ruin you, but this craft could actually look even better than what’s on the market. And how about making something from scratch, and having the satisfaction of having done something yourself. This DIY is also perfect to gift having your personality in the home of someone you truly respect.

DIY Fabric Clock



Have some spare fabric in the wardrobe and your imagination isn’t bringing you to how to use it? Or have you got a garment that is looking a little tired after all these years? Why not give a loved cloth item a new lease of life and create something really cool. Maybe you can create something for the kids’ room, something fun that may make them wish to wake up in the morning, without having to force them out of bed. Perhaps they could even enjoy these arts and crafts with you, bonding a little while creating their very own time clock.

DIY Chalkboard Tray



These oven trays are often our nightmares. They’re noisy, they can give us unwanted shivers from their unwanted noise while taking them out of the oven due to so much oven usage. They can be something we cannot wait to dispose of and get a new one. Or maybe, you are changing the oven, and do not require these trays any longer. What to do with them? Well, do not throw them away! As you know by now, everything can have a new purpose in life. This is an inexpensive way to recycle the old items making them fresh again, without having to spend much money in the process. Bit of chalkboard paint, and that’s really it.

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