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Top 10 DIY Indoor Garden Ideas

We all do love gardens; they are relaxing, they remind us of where we truly belong- nature itself. If you don’t have a big yard’s luxury or want to incorporate herbs and plants in your indoor surroundings, there is an easy and cheap way to do so.

Not all plants need outdoor conditions to survive, so they can easily adapt to your home. They will beautify the space, bring some freshness to your home, a sent maybe,  if you pick the right one.

It is so simple everyone can do it. You will need some basic things that can be found in any home. Are you ready to bring greenback? Tell us what your thoughts are about these amazing DIY ideas.

The Mason Jar Garden



For this indoor garden, you will need some pipe clamps and an old wooden board. Fill the jar with garden soil, add a plant of your choice. Attach the clamps to the wooden board and then tighten the mason jars with the clams.

Bottle Garden



The name gives you a hint. You will need some plastic bottles, a small net, and a string. Cut the top of the bottles as in the picture above, insert the net with a hole so the wire can go through. The string will act as a wick for the water, keeping the soil wet to keep the herbs growing.

Elegant Hanging Garden



For this herb holder, you will need a tension rod and some hooks. Put the rod on a window and then fix the pots using the hooks. Fill them with whatever herb or plant you prefer. Voila!

Tiers of Herbs



There is not much to it; add some pots with plants, and you have it. If you don’t have this kind of tier, you can use an old cupcake holder.

Teacup Garden/Herbarium



Because teacups are so small, we call it a herbarium. And it is perfect for small spaces, on the table, even in the bathroom.

The “Little Amazon” Garden



Grab the biggest pot in your home and plant different plants or flowers (they are more delicate). Don’t forget to sprinkle water depending on the plant’s needs.

“Egg Garden”



Carefully break the top of the egg and cleanse it. Insert soil and some grass seeds. Wait a couple of weeks, pour water in small quantities, and be amazed by the result.

Picture Frame Garden



For this garden, use only plants or herbs that require little soil. Add the soil into the frame, and you have a topographic garden.

Hanging Coconut Garden



For this DIY garden, you will need a coconut, some paint, and twine. Clean the coconut, paint it ( optional), make 4 holes around the coconut, and insert separate twine. Make a knot using all of the twine pieces and use its a hanger.

Light Bulb Garden



Use your steady arms for this one. Carefully eject the inner part of the light bulb and insert soil, water, and seeds. Seal up the top using glue.

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