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Top 10 DIY Kid’s Book Storage Ideas

It is an undeniable fact that reading plays an essential role in the children’s cognitive and behavioral development, whether it’s done by the children or their parents. Not to mention the doors it will open to some whole new worlds that will deepen along with their imagination.

However, the deeper the imagination, the greater the need becomes for storing the piles of books that have been accumulating over the course of the reading sessions. First, we need to sort them by genre or color.

But, how would we store them? Would we create a home library in their bedroom? Would we put small shelves above their beds or small baskets somewhere else within their reach? Or would we switch to Bob-the-Builder mode and create something exceptional and spatial for our little adventurers to put their books in? The possibilities are endless.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of interesting ways you can store your kids’ books so they no longer lie scattered on the floor or under their beds.

Read and find the ones you like the best!

Flat Wall Book Holders

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What we see here are shelves, probably purchased from Ikea, and easily assembled by the parents to fit their kid’s adventure and bedtime stories. Right?


Well, while the easy part was relatively true, the shelves have actually been made out of Dollhouse scraps. These functional shelves are the ideal option if you have an old Dollhouse and the talent/patience to get crafty. Plus, they’re not as time-consuming as they may look – one afternoon would be enough, including their optional repainting.

DIY Book Shelves

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Who said simple needs to be boring? Attaching plain whiteboards to your wall may sound dull, but you have no idea how cute they look until you do it. Simply measure how long you want the boards to be, paint them to your liking, and screw them to the wall. There are your bookshelves!

Tip: to avoid books falling everywhere, you can cut a small part of the boards and attach them to the front part of the shelves.

Great Crate Book Storage

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What is wonderful about these shelves is that they’re extremely kid-friendly – which means safe and accessible. What’s more, you won’t feel exhausted after you’ve made them. All you need is a wooden crate, some paint, a hand saw, and some wall hanging brackets you can attach to the edges. First, paint the crate in whichever color you prefer. After it has dried out completely, cut it in half with a hand saw and add the brackets.

And then, just add books!

DIY Corner Shelving System

DIY Tutorial via

This Corner Shelving system is perfect for when you have an unused space in your home and plenty of books just lying around. These are a bit more complicated to make as they are meant for heavier books than those like Alice in Wonderland. Try the Oxford Dictionary and such.

To make these shelves you will need wood planks, shelving standards, and brackets, a power drill, drill bits, and screws, and the necessary paint and other liquids meant to provide the wood with that eye-catching shine.

Hanging Book Display Tutorial

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Have you ever thought about hanging a bookshelf above your kid’s bed? Me neither, it’s way too dangerous. Well, this design is meant to provide easy book access to your kid without fear of hitting his/her head. Among the things you will need is a piece of fabric, two curtain rods and two double curtain rod brackets, and some sewing supplies. This tutorial will guide you through every little step necessary to create this unusual bookshelf.

DIY House Bookshelf

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Now, this is when you can get truly creative! What kid wouldn’t like a bookshelf in the shape of a house, a car, or even a rocket! Surprise your little one with one of these for his/her birthday, and you will have an avid little reader in no time!

The house from this very tutorial is made out of 3/4″ plywood. Although the detailed steps to how it had been made are not shown, you can never go wrong with a hand saw a drill, and some screws.

Library Book Box with Chalkboard Due Date

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What would be the way to make sure your kid returns the borrowed books to the library when he/she grows up and goes to school? Why, a library book box, of course. Just buy an inexpensive magazine rack or repurpose your old one, repaint it, and write the return due date with chalk on it so your kid gains early reading discipline.

Rain Gutter Book Shelves Tutorial

DIY Tutorial via

Another way to ensure your kid’s books stay in place is by building an unusual rain gutter bookshelf. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that they’re super fun to build.

What you’ll need for this type of bookshelves is, of course, some rain gutters, a power drill and some screws, a measuring tape or a ruler, a level, and a pencil for marking out. There are other optional materials depending on your preferences. However, not all of them are recommended, as they may add extra work and reduce a few more dollars from your wallet.

Now, let’s get to work!

Quick and Easy Children’s Book Storage

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Talk about repurposing! These, originally IKEA spice racks, can easily be turned into quaint bookshelves for your kid. All you’ll need are a few Bekvam spice racks, a primer spray paint of any brand, paint of your choice, and a fine grit sand sponge to smoothen the racks. As for the installation of the shelves, you’ll need some basic mounting hardware, such as a drill and some screws. Of course, having a pencil, a measuring tape, and a leveler wouldn’t hurt if you want to make sure your shelves are evened out.

DIY Mini Bookshelves

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A bookshelf made out of a wood pallet? Who would’ve thought. According to this DIY, if you cut one pallet as shown in the pictures, it would be enough to make four bookshelves. Then, measure the inside of the bottoms to cut 2×4’s to size and screw them in place. You’re done with the hard part! If you want to smoothen the surface, you can use an electric sander; or, if you prefer a more rustic touch, use a hammer and some nails to make patterns. Finally, choose whichever paint you like and put the books in once the paint has dried out.

That’s it, fellow DIY fans! We hope you liked what he had to show you and that you found something that inspired you. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time!

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