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Top 10 DIY Patchwork Projects

If you are an avid fan of arts and crafts and love being different then you might wish to look no further. By all means, paint the walls all white and go for the minimalist look, but have you thought about the homemade details which will make your home stand out and scream your personality?

But not only for the home, but you also wish to give yourself a little makeover or more like giving your boring looking clothes a new and fresher look? To be seen and appreciated and perhaps even stopped with the question – “excuse but where did you buy this from?”

So here you go, want to be the difference. Inspire people to do the same. Set your own trends and fashion with these DIY patchwork projects!

Geometric Patchwork Pillow



Many small details soon will become really large, in your face details with an eye of wonder. And what a perfect start than creating your own pillowcases to spruce up a bit your chair, armchair, or even sofa. To turn something neutral into something a little more thought about, and beautiful. This is one for those people, like us, who do not like things to be off-centered and love a good old symmetry in their life. The lovely patchwork is somewhat not too difficult to achieve. Give your favorite chair a little love back from all those nights of sitting on it!

Funky Patchwork Frame



A great upcycle projects this, turning something very ordinary into something well, a little less ordinary! As you know by then, we love to reuse as much as possible. Most crafts can be done by recycling the once-loved items and turning them into something you will love again. You have a special photograph to wish to put forward? Or simply to create reminders for yourselves on a daily basis as a to-do list? These will brighten your homes giving it a little more oomph and character. Something great to do alongside the children, also explaining to them the importance of recycling, and what can be done with something that doesn’t turn heads, into a piece of art.

Patchwork Placemats



Do you have a workstation that has a little wear and tear? Or an area that doesn’t float your boat and doesn’t tick the many boxes anymore? These mats will do the trick just fine and will make you turn the car around on the way from the home store; saving you heaps of money. These mats could even easily be turned into floor mats, or even bathroom mats from when you get out of the shower making lovely details and frankly, proud of yourself. You could even use fabric from a ripped apart garment that you wanted to throw away. It is all about thinking outside the box with this one.

Boho Patchwork Shorts



You once had jeans that no longer fit you the way you wish they would? Are you on the hunt for new jeans, or simply the season has changed and you have noticed that your winter stuff overtook most of your summer attires? Then, cut those jeans up that you showed little love to, that didn’t make you feel that special while wearing them. Create your own style and own fashion making the entire neighborhood envious. Give a second life to something that will look totally different and that you’ll love again for many years to come. Nothing better than to embrace the sunshine one again.

Patchwork Accent Pillow



You love a Picasso, but cannot quite stretch to a few million dollars, then this could be the next thing on your to-do list. After all, these great artists all started from somewhere. Who knows, this could be you! This tutorial is all about gathering old pieces of clothing that you have smartly and cleverly put aside until the day will come that you have enough fabric to make something cool out of it. And voila, the pillowcase! The only thing this will cost you is many your time and attention to detail. And a few pennies lying around your home.

Simple Crochet Filet Starburst Patchwork Blanket



You have two kinds of people in the world. The ones who are always cold, and the ones, no matter the season, are always warm. Now, this exercise is for the ones usually cold-blooded and that no radiator will do the trick; especially in front of a good movie. Or perhaps you wish to dress up the made bed in order to look a little classy and different – frightening your mood? The “whatever the age” will love this. It will dress up and put so much life into a living area. Put it on the sofa, armchair, hand it against a white boring old wall…there is no end. Get crocheting!

Padded Patchwork Headboard



Have you spent a bit of time in the Northern Part of Africa and fell in love with their color coordination? Their bright colorful outlook on life? Or seen many North African shops in and around your area. Then chances are, you might wish to take a little of this into your home. And in what better places than in your private love nest? Colors are so important and can really play possibly with our minds. Against a white plain wall, this will look really good with an explosion of color. Or why not romance it up, and have one side of the walls done in deep red or purple?

Shower Curtain



The bathroom always seems to get the treatment last, thinking it is a room no one really sees and enjoys as much as the kitchen, bedroom, or indeed living area. But you would be surprised at how long you actually spend in your bathroom; with all your daily chores. A beautiful way to have a makeover of your shower room, without spending much hard-earned cash, and really making a massive difference. And, you can pop it into the washer for half an hour, and it’s ready once again to welcome you back. Spruce up your mood in the mornings.

Patchwork Jeans



Earlier we discussed jeans that you’d want to turn into shorts if they don’t suit you the way they once did. Well, what about if you have a perfectly fine pair of jeans but that will not win the design awards? Don’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spare for a brand new fashion pair, then make your own. You would be surprised by the number of people that will ask you from which designer store are they. These are for powerful flower power women embracing being different, wearing something super stylish, handcrafted that makes them feel really good about themselves.

Patchwork Scarves



Love your inner Scottsman like persona? Love the old checkered shirts and patchworks? These scarfs are the future of details! They would make something ordinary, something that looks good, into an outfit that looks immense. And something that will make you feel great about yourself, thinking you are walking on a catwalk with eyes devouring your style and fashion sense. Patchwork doesn’t have to be obvious, in your face craft, they can really turn out factory great.

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