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Top 10 Best DIY Pearls Projects

“Why is it that men can be bastards and women must wear pearls and smile?” This famous saying by L.H. Schafren is so true. Women and pearls just go together. And these season pearls are so in, especially when we are talking about accessories. So why not try putting some pearls, like, everywhere! We are sharing these amazing Top 10 Best DIY Pearls Projects that will inspire you to start a project wiht pearls right away…

DIY Pearl Cluster Chain Necklace

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_01DIY Tutorial via

DIY – pearl covered lighter

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_02DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pearl Collar Necklace

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_03DIY Tutorial via

Ribbon & Pearl Woven Bracelet Tutorial

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_04DIY Tutorial via

Pearl Sleeve DIY

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY: Pearl iPhone Case

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_06DIY Tutorial via

Pearl Encrusted Deep V T-Shirt

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_07DIY Tutorial via

Pearl Hair Comb

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_08DIY Tutorial via

Delicate Pearl Bow Hair Accessories

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_09DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pink Ribbon Pearl Necklace

top-10-best-diy-pearls-projects_10DIY Tutorial via

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