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Top 10 DIY Trendy Sandals For This Summer

We all have some basic but boring shoes stuffed in the back of our closet — but that goes with everything pair that could use a little extra flair. So we would like to give you an idea of how to transform your old shoes into new ones.

Because it’s summer, we made a list of ten trendy summer sandals you can make in a few minutes, and you will wear them all summer long, day and night.

You will find how to make glitter sandals so that you can shine than bow sandals, rope sandals, flip flops, polka dot shoes, wrapped ribbon sandals. Just recognize your style and start producing your new shoes!

1. Glitter Sandals



We are crazy about these super glam sparkly sandals, made with Tacky Glue, glitter, and any pair of sandals that need a little glitter love! You will shine this summer!

2. Fabric Ribbon Sandals



Using famed Old Navy flip flops (often as inexpensive as $2 per pair), create these pretty fabric ribbon sandals by tying on long strands of hemp twine and fabric strips.

3. Flip Flops



The weather is asking for new flip flops. So we thought we could make a cute pair out of cheap flip flops and some ‘t-shirt yarn.’ We used store-bought yarn, but you can also make the yarn yourself from old t-shirts.

4. Bow Sandals


Tie a bow with the grosgrain ribbon. To keep the cut edge from fraying, you can add fray check along the edge, or roll the edges two times and sew with a straight stitch. Then, add a little dab of glue, either e-6000 or a hot glue gun, and glue onto the sandal.

5. Wrapped Sandals



Classic leather sandals get a fresh new look with embroidery threads applied with a basic wrapping technique. So stylish and easy to make by yourself!

6. Polka Dot Shoes



We mixed the acrylic paint, and textile medium in approximately the two parts paint to one medium recommended on the bottle and then paint. It ended up taking three coats until we were happy with the opacity.

7. Rope Sandals



Summer is the perfect time to bring out your nautical-inspired ensembles, and what could be better than a pair of knotted rope high heel embellishments – which can be worn across a multitude of shoe styles and are perfect for hitting the high seas. These are so simple to make; just follow the instructions.

8. Bejeweled Sandals



Have an old pair of leather sandals that need a fresh new look? Bust out a coat of metallic spray paint and large plastic gems attached with glue. So cute!

9. Flip Flops With Stones



Flip flops are the best choice for footwear during the warm summer months. They are easy to slip on, come in various colors, and match almost any outfit. Instead of searching for hours for the best pair for you and to put up with their high price, you can spend only a few dollars and have sandals that are stylish and unique because you’ve made it on your own.

10. Braided Strap Sandals



Refashion the most basic flip flops with braided straps made from inexpensive knit fabric, similar to t-shirt material. Or you can just wear an old t-shirt!

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  1. Hi, and thanks for what you have done! However, once again I have gotten all excited thinking it SAYS sandlas, so it must BE sandals. Whew, I am not looking for flip-flops, as that’s the style I’m avoiding for my family members. Some people don’t wear them well, having their toes spill over onto the sidewalk. Worse than the looks for particular people who don’t pretty up their toenails and think feet are beautiful, they can be dangerous. Without a backstrap to hold them on, I can attest to seeing women trip over the slightest thing while wearing flip-flops. Granted, there are flimsy ones, and some with sturdy soles and wider T-straps. In summary, I want a summery foot keeper, and I want you to show me how. Okey dokey?

    If these are all flip-flop remodels, could you please SAY “FLIP FLOP Remodel DIY?” Some want to make these t-strap babes from scratch. (DIY Flip Flips). I want DIY “Sandals!” Perhaps it’s semantics. To me, a sandal has straps across the foot, and a backstrap; without a back, they’d be SLIDES.
    Thanks in advance for writing back and straightening me out–and for some written directions on “Do it Yourself Sandals.” Sending good vibes!


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