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Top 10 DIY Summer Decorating Tutorials

Uh, summer…the scent of sea air, the breeze on your hair, and the sand in your toe…Celebrate the arrival of summer with activities such as summer decorations. They should be light, easy, and fun, just like summer.

We are presenting you top 10 DIY summer decorating tutorials. So get ready for the summer fun and make some DIY decorations indoor, outdoor or simple prepare your favorite summer accessories such as sunglasses and flip flops.

Take advantage of the warm weather and longer days and enjoy the fresh summer look. Make summer even more magical. Are you already prepared for the summer?

1. Fish Nate Vase



Find some ceramic vase, paint it in white or blue color, and after that, decorate the vase with the fishnet. You can add seashells to get a summer touch. In this way, you can complete the room with simple accents.

2. Outdoor Curtains



This is a wonderful idea not only to decorate your outdoor space but to protect yourself from the sun. You can choose different drop clots for the curtains, complete with the outdoor furniture, and make a perfect space to relax.

3. Summer Wind Chimes



Wind chimes were originally a fortune-telling tool in China. People find the sound of the wind chimes very refreshing. The sweet sound of them blowing in the wind is perfect for summer days. You can make a fantastic wind chime from seashells. You can hang your seashell wind chime near the door to invite positive energy into your home.

4. Seashell Mirror



If you are collecting seashells from the beach during your summer holidays, you can use them to make a fantastic seashell mirror that will remind you of summer even when it’s snowing outside.

 5. Window Flower Boxes



Move the fun outdoors and make summer decorations in your yard. For an amazing summer decoration of your home’s exterior, you can build a wood window box for a variety of flowers. You can find here how-to tips, step-by-step instruction, and video to make it easy.

6. DIY Bird Feeder



Bird feeders are a great way to enjoy yourself with your kids, especially if you put them in strategic places that will allow you to have a great view. Great DIY bird feeder projects to help feed the feathered friends in your backyard, as well as the superb decoration of your yard.

7. Hubcap Flowers Yard Decoration



This is a brilliant DIY project that turns old hubcaps into yard art. All you need are some roadside hubcaps, spray paint, and little creativity. You can upcycle hubcaps in colorful flowers perfect for summer yard decoration.

 8. Paper Lanterns



Here is another DIY project for making paper lanterns, demonstrating an easy way to add a sophisticated outdoor style in summer. Paper lanterns are collapsible and reusable, so you can easily store them and use them for the next summer.

9. Flip Flop Sandals Decorations



Flip-flops – we wear them all the time in the summer. They are so comfy and that they can be dressed up or down. Probably you have dozen of pairs. Have you ever tried to update an old or cheap pair to make them more special? Here are some DIY ideas to make your own special flip flops for any occasion.

10. Sunglasses Decorations



The most used summer accessories are sunglasses, so here are two DIY ideas on customizing your sunglasses. If you are creative, you can use any materials instead of the ones presented here, such as nail-polish, pearls, flowers, glitters, etc. Make your own fashionable accessorize and enjoy the summer days.

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