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Top 10 DIY Adorable Sunglasses Case Ideas

Does it happen to you so often to break your sunglasses just because you don’t have a case for them? It’s really annoying when you need to buy new sunglasses all the time just because they somehow got broken in your bag, or you accidentally sat on them because you forgot that you put them right behind you. We feel you.

Sunglasses cases can be pretty expensive. The better-looking and the better-quality most often means more money for you to spend – except that you really don’t have to. In this article, you can read about ten different ideas on creating your own sunglasses case. Some require sewing skills; some don’t. Others need some painting decoration! It’s up to you to choose your favorite and start your DIY sunglasses case.

1. Bow Sunglasses



Not only that, this rectangle fabric is nice, but with the bows, the cases are simply adorable. To make your own, you need 2 rectangles 9″ by 5″ in the main fabric, 2 rectangles 9″ by 5″ in lining fabric, 4 rectangles 9″ by 5″ interfacing, and 7″ of 1/4″ elastic. For these cases, you will need basic sewing skills. They look great for any season, so no matter it’s summer or winter, the cases will be very practical when it comes to keeping your sunglasses in a safe place in a very adorable, bow way.

2. Sunglasses Case With Heals Fabric



It’s all about the fabric. You can always choose one – colored piece, but having it with an interesting print will always look more catchy to the eye than otherwise. So, for this case, you need 2 pieces of outer fabric measuring 22cm x 12cm, 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring 20cm x 12cm, a sew-in press stud, needle and thread, pins, fabric scissors, paper scissors, paper to make your pattern, pin, ruler and sewing machine.

3. Black and White



This is a very simple yet interesting design that will make your case look more beautiful. Here are the materials that you need for the case: outer fabric (~12″ x 12″ piece will do), and you can use decor or canvas fabric to give the case a bit more stiffness and structure, felt for lining (one piece of 8.5″ x 11″ felt is enough), EZ Steam Fusible Web, Fold Over Elastic, button, embroidery thread, templates – one roughly 9.5″ long x 4.5″ wide with the top corners of one end cut at a slight diagonal (click the link below the picture to see the right template in the picture above) and the other template is a ~7″ x 4.5″ rectangle.

4. Curved Case



Isn’t this one happy – looking sunglasses case? Here’s what you need to make your own colorful case: outside fabric – 2 cuts of 9″ x 5″, lining fabric – 2 cuts of 9″ x 5″, heat n Bond fusible fleece – 2 cuts of 9″ x 5″, coordinating thread, sewing machine and notions, iron, glass for creating a curved line and a pen. if you want the same fabric, you can order the outside, colorful pinwheels from Katherine Codega and the lining fabric from Timeless Treasures. If you don’t like these two, you can always choose something you like more.

5. Leather Sunglasses Case



For this case, you just need four things: faux or real thin leather in two different colors, leather glue, fabric scissors, and 1/2″ magnetic snap. Creating the case is really easy; you will just have to carefully follow the instructions, which you can find on the website below the picture. Leather can look more elegant than fabric, so if you’re craving something more special, you should definitely try this case with leather. No matter the color you choose, it’s going to be very practical and pretty!

6. Winky Eye Sunglasses Case



Isn’t this one a very flirty sunglasses case? It’s so catchy, so be prepared to receive so many questions on where you got it. All you need to have to make your own winky case are the following tools and materials that you can easily purchase from any DIY or even regular store: fusible tape, cotton fabric, scissors, iron, black felt, industrial-strength glue, button, needle, and thread, and embroidery floss.

7. Sunglasses Case with Heat Transfer Vinyl



Aren’t this case really cool? Especially the part with the vinyl. Here’s what you need: pouch, heat transfer vinyl (black), heat transfer vinyl (metallic gold), iron, silhouette cameo, or other die-cutting machine and sunglasses template that you can download for free on the website, but it’s only for personal use. It’s really easy to create it. Just cut and weed out the negative parts of the sunglasses and iron them onto the pouch. Then you can iron the metallic gold inside circles.

8. Quick Sew Sunglasses Case



Yes, it will take you exactly five minutes to make this case all by yourself! It’s that easy. First, you need to get the needed materials for the case: fabric, matching ribbon, scissors, matching thread, and sewing machine. That means, for this DIY project, you’ll need sewing skills, at least basic. When it comes to the fabric, you have plenty of choices to make. Colors and patterns, you will simply have a hard time choosing. But, we recommend you to pick lighter colors, like yellow as pictured. They give away some summer vibes!

9. No-Sew Embroidery Sunglasses Case



For this sunglasses case, you need heavy cotton fabric, fusible tape, embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, lightweight fusible appliqué paper, iron, scissors, and water-soluble pencil. There’s no sewing here, just embroidering. The whole process has 13 steps which may sound a lot, but they’re really easy, and you will make it in no time! Every effort you put in will be worth it when you have an amazing case for your sunglasses.

10. Watermelon Sunglasses Case



There’s nothing more than this fruit that can remind us of summer. It sure gives that kind of vibes! It’s a perfect choice for the beach fun we’re all craving. So, if you want to make your own watermelon case, here’s what you need: red felt, white felt, premium green felt (premium is sturdier than regular felt), black felt or a black marker, craft glue or Unique Stitch, scissors and drawing compass or ruler.

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