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Top 10 DIY Creative Cocktail Umbrella Ideas

Throwing a party is something we all should do once in a while. It’s fun! There are many things that you should think of – who to invite and how many, which colors should the plates be, and what design should the napkins have, or whether it is better to serve cupcakes or truffles, or, or and so many “or’s”!

If you find yourself enjoying doing these stuff, then you should check out these ten different umbrellas for your drinks, and if you don’t enjoy them, seeing what cute stuff you can do only by yourself might change your mind!

1. Three Simple Umbrellas



Let’s face it: drink umbrellas can be so cute! that they can leave you in a position where you don’t know which design to choose. In that case, make umbrellas in more than one design. For these umbrellas, you need 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper, brass paper brads, hot glue gun toothpicks, or skewers. It won’t take you long to decorate your drinks with such nice, happy umbrellas!

2. Retro Umbrellas



Theme parties are always fun! When making one, choose a decoration that fits the theme. This one reminds us a little bit of the ’60s and that’s so retro! Which is your favorite theme party decoration? If you don’t have any, browse the Internet and find your inspiration. If this is the one you want for your party, the page offers you free printables. Besides that, you need scissors, bamboo skewers, a glue gun, and glue stick.

3. Tutti Frutti Umbrellas



Aren’t these tutti frutti umbrellas one of the cutest mini things? Serving a drink with such an umbrella will leave you going back and forth to the kitchen all over! Everybody would like a drink with such a sweet decoration, and they might even want one for themselves! Who can blame them, after all. These umbrellas really are the real deal for party decorations.

4. Donut Straw Umbrellas



These adorable donut look alike umbrellas might not be the most suitable decoration for a cocktail, but for something more sweet and non – alcoholic, such as cocoa or hot chocolate, coffee with cream and so on. With adding some candy bars, chocolate, ladyfingers, marshmallows, the donut umbrellas will certainly add much to the atmosphere – a club of all things sweet and delicious!

5. Strawberry Umbrella



Strawberry umbrellas for a strawberry drink! That’s a lovely combination which leaves you with so many options. You can make the umbrellas with a design that will describe your drink. If it pineapple drink that you plan to serve, make a pineapple umbrella. It goes the same with any fruit or ingredient. If there are two ingredients in the drink, them maybe you would like to make two of the umbrellas as well!

6. Patriotic Umbrellas



The title says everything. National holidays are a big deal in every country. Living in one where it’s common to decorate your home for a celebration can be fun. For example, the homemade mini umbrellas can find their purpose here as well. When serving a drink on that certain day, make it with a drink umbrella that will show something symbolic for that day. You can make an umbrella with the colors of your country!

7. Festive Umbrellas



Just a regular party? No problem. That means lots and lots of ideas, decorations, colors and designs. You can always stick to one, or make it as colorful as the rainbow. To make these, you need paper, pinking shears or scallop scissors, glue stick or double-sided tape, craft glue, wooden skewer and scissors. SO, get the needed materials and have fun while making your very own party decorations.

8. Washi Tape Umbrellas



One of the reasons why you should start making some stuff by yourself is that it leave you with plenty of choice and if you can’t find it at the store, then you can do it. Buy the needed materials and by falling through some instructions, you are all done. This time, instead of just printables or scrapbook paper, use washi tape. In this case. the washi tape that is used is more pastel, so you can also use the pastels as your main inspiration.

9. Straw Umbrellas



For these mini umbrellas, choose the decorative paper that you find the cutest and with the help of a plastic glass and decorative scissors, cut it. Next thing to do is to cut a triangle inside and it’s better to make it wider, because the more of it, the more “tended” the umbrella will be. Punch a hole in the center and overlap the edges of the triangle. Glue the paper together and you’re done.

10. Striped Umbrellas



The last idea on the list is a little bit different than the rest. Unlike the others, who have more bold colors and happy designs, these umbrellas are all about black and white. For these mini umbrellas, you actually need any drink umbrellas, black and white craft paint and paintbrushes. The next steps are really easy! First use the white paint and then the black in order to get some black stripes. Let it dry and your drinks are ready to be serves with a unique piece of an umbrella!

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