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Top 10 Unusual DIY Upcycled Light Fixtures

Since electrical lights have become a commonplace in every household we tend to forget what luxury they represent and how much they contribute to our home’s interior.  While some people don’t notice light fixtures and don’t even care about their appearance, others tend to seek the most rarest of shades to decorate their home with. If you are among those people, than you know that getting that unusually unique light shade can be pretty expensive. So, why not try making some unconventional light shades of your own from materials you have lying around or have even considered throwing away.

Now you may be thinking, “What could I possibly use to make light fixtures?”. Where you’re low on inspiration, we’re running high on ideas. Our light bulb has switched on (pun intended) and we’ve put together some of the best ways you can convert that trash into light fixtures and when you do, you won’t even recognize your space. Even more so you will we wondering how you could  have considered throwing away junk with this much potential.

Instead, we suggest recycling it into a light fixture work of art with these top 10 DIY tutorials. Let’s get to work!

Wine Barrel Ring Light


Here’s one of the most inspiring creations at the top of our list. It’s a table light made of wine barrel rings. Who would have thought? This DIY offers a temporary way to make it as well as permanent, but there’s just something about the rusty look that makes the atmosphere so warm and unique that you may consider making it as a permanent light.

LED Spray Can Reading Lamp


Have you ever been inspired to repurpose the freshly emptied body spray can into something else, or has it always ended up in the trash bin? How about you hold onto your newest one, read this tutorial to find out how you can turn it into a LED reading lamp, and then decide if you still want to throw it away. At the end of the day, we’re here to inspire you.

How to Make a Globe Pendant Light


Imagine putting a bunch of curious children and a globe in one place. Now that you’ve imagined the havoc they may wreak upon it, you may guess that the globe is bound to get some pumps here and there if we’re going to sugarcoat it. If that’s actually happened to you recently, you may want to think twice about throwing the newly-wrecked globe and repurpose it into a pendant light with some previous fixes, depending on the damage, of course.

Pan Pendant Lamp


Wonders never cease in the DIY world. If you’re someone who’s hit pause on cake baking (said no one ever) why don’t you find them another purpose? For example, a hanging lamp fixture? This project is fairly easy and inexpensive, so it definitely beats having to buy a new fancy lamp.

Honey Bear Bottle Lamp


If you’ve been meaning to get a lamp for your kid’s bedroom, we’d be glad if you found inspiration in this honey bear bottle lamp. It’s incredibly easy to make, they won’t empty your wallet, and your child will feel much cheerful having a bunch of these lighting up his/her castle. They do make a sweet company for the light of your own life, that’s for sure.

DIY Wine Cork Chandelier


Gosh, we can already hear all the wine fans and connoisseurs gasping with pure amazement at the sight of this chandelier. Genius, right? Now you can have one of these in your own home with just a bit of time and love. Reconsider the corks you’ve been meaning to dispose of, or if you already have, have this DIY project in mind the next time you want to create something new for your home.

Paint Swatch Chandelier


Yet another refreshing way you can light up your home. Instead of spending a fortune on new light fixtures,  it’s time to appreciate the simplicity of this paint swatch chandelier that will receive the same amount of amazement as a newly-bought fancy lamp, if not more. Follow the instructions from this DIY project if it’s caught your attention and get to work.

Cube Cardboard Lamp


The last thing anyone would think of upon seeing such a fabulous-looking cube lamp is cardboard, and yet, that’s the main material for this DIY project. We were shocked to find that out as well. Turns out the texture we’re seeing comes from the inside of the cardboard, so it makes sense. Still, you can’t help but admire the genius mind behind this tutorial. Read it to find out how to make one like this yourselves.

Basket Pendant Light


Have any old baskets you’re planning to throw away because they have teared up a little? Do they no longer serve their initial purpose? Well, now you know what to do with them. Read this tutorial to learn how to turn them into fully functioning basket light fixtures and breathe new life into them as well as your dining-room area.

Lamp From Graters


If we think about it, we’ve all had a grate or two that wasn’t as sharp as the time we purchased them. What can you do? Well, this wasn’t a rhetorical question. We suggest turning it into a lamp by simply looping the light cord around the grate handle. You can find the rest of the in-depth instructions in this link if you found this idea intriguing enough.

That’s it for this article. We hope something sparked your imagination (yep, another pun) and that you’ll share your thoughts and creations with us in the comments below.

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